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I write erotic, romantic, and sometimes humorous speculative fiction. My favorite genres are science fiction/fantasy and erotic romance, so my stories run the gamut of straight up fantasy romance, romantic sword and sorcery with a few laughs, socially-based science fiction, and brooding dark fantasy. Readers can count on my stories to take them along on journeys to other worlds or lands. Often my stories turn into character studies.

This is my personal blog. I use it to keep in touch with readers and friends. Sometimes I host fellow authors, but more often I will put up posts about my work, research, life, and even some free fiction. I conduct periodic giveaways for new releases and back list books.

I have been in the writing game for a long time, so have had the opportunity to make a lot of mistakes as well as stumble into success. As a result, I actually know my way around publishing. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I enjoy passing along my lessons to new writers.

Personal Stuff

Though I currently call a pretty suburb near Philadelphia home, I grew up moving around the United States. As a child, I lived in New Jersey, Virginia, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. I finished high school in Milwaukee, got married and raised three wonderful sons there. To this day I'm a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan.

In my former life I've been a respiratory therapist, college instructor, legislative assistant, ESL teacher, and airport executive. I even spent some time living in Bolivia and have never lost my love for the landscapes, cultures, and people of that country. To this day, I welcome new experiences and adventures.

My beloved standard poodle, Cate, keeps me fit with her incessant demands for walks and delights in helping me pick the winners of my contests and giveaways.

My Top Posts

Here are a few of this blog's most popular posts.



Free Story

Free Serial Stories (chapters are all linked)

  • Useful Things  ~~M/M An alien master seeks the truth about a human slave.
  • Sealed in Stone ~~M/M Two young men struggle for love on an alien world.
  • Unwrapped ~~M/M All tied up for the holidays.
  • Uncool ~~M/M Follow up to "Unwrapped", Carson seeks Sir and discovers there's more to their story.


My Books

I'm the author of a m/f fantasy romance, CAPTIVE HEART, and its m/m sequel, DANGEROUS BEAUTYboth set in the medieval fantasy empire of Uttor. Three more Uttor novels are in the works.

I have also written two m/m fantasy novellas, each set in its own world: SORCERER'S KNOT and THE PRINCE OF WINDS. A m/m sword and sorcery buddy fantasy, THICK AS THIEVES, was published in July 2013.

My short fiction has appeared in THE PAGAN ANTHOLOGY OF SHORT FICTION and the DEVIL'S NIGHT anthology.

Guest Blog Posts

I love writing posts for other people's blogs. Sometimes I don't even talk about my books. Most are good fun, so I've linked a few of those here.

I've created a few Pinterest boards with pictures I've used for inspiration.

I welcome new friends and would love it if you care to contact me.

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