Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Bit of Fun

I've toyed with a trailer for Thick as Thieves since before the book was published. I'd actually lined up a graphic designer/trailer person to do one, and paid her, only to have her delay the project twice and then simply not deliver. By then the book had been out for so long a trailer was pointless, not to mention I'd already lost money on the trailer I never got. So I shelved that idea.

Then a friend who writes music and wanted to dabble in trailers and videos offered to make a trailer for Thieves. For free. Just as practice. 

Why not, right? So here's the result.

A few questions: Can you see this? (I've never tried to embed a video before.)

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions for my friend's next trailer project?


  1. Yes, I can see it just fine. Looks great, but I am a little biased. ;-)

  2. This is awesomeee ��❤