Thursday, April 7, 2016

Victory Portrait Release

Victory Portrait, the fourth book in the Uttor series, releases today on the Resplendence Publishing site.

Imperial captive and former Sebboyan prince Peta Kordeun has one great wish: to meet Darius Arrento, conqueror of his country and a man he has idolized since childhood. That wish comes true the day the Uttoran emperor assigns Peta to assist the artist who will be painting the great general’s official portrait.

General Darius Arrento would rather take a crossbow bolt through his flesh than sit for a portrait, until his friend the emperor forces his hand. The notorious artist, Brazzi, uses semen and other sexual fluids to bind his colors—and Arrento is captivated by the artist’s pretty helper. Before long he is driven to possess the gorgeous young man who draws battle maps and whose na├»ve charm has won more hearts in Uttor than Arrento has won battles.

When Arrento learns that Peta, the slave he covets and wants for his own, is one of the despised Kordeun princes, he storms from Uttor toward a far corner of the empire—where he quickly finds himself embroiled in a plot to tear Uttor’s empire apart. His emotions and loyalties frayed, the great Arrento is in the battle of his life…and Peta may hold the key to his survival.


This is a MM romance and readers of the series can also expect to see more of Gaspar, who gets more than he bargains for when he decides to play matchmaker. You will also see more of a previously very minor character, the artist Brazzi. Brazzi's artistic method of using semen and precome to fix the brilliant colors of his paints gets thoroughly developed. Like really. Thoroughly. Also, you might never look at a paintbrush quite the same way again.

While available right now on the Resplendence siteVictory Portrait will soon be available on Amazon, AllRomance, and Barnes and Noble.

There's going to be a blog tour for Victory Portrait starting on April 18th, hosted by Pride Promotions. I've written numerous blog posts about my research, these characters, the Uttor series and how it was originally going to (and might yet) take a paranormal turn, and, well, me. If any of those subjects strike your fancy, it could be fun—and informative—to follow along. 

Happy Release Day, Victory Portrait!

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