Thursday, April 28, 2016

Re-Inventing the Wild West

I just finished writing a story for an upcoming anthology about the Wild West, only not the Wild West as we know it. The Weird Wild West. The stories are fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, or other form of speculative fiction--which is right up my alley and why I wrote a story for it.

For one thing, I've lived in the West. Colorado and Texas, to be precise. Even more precisely, I lived in El Paso and my traveling man of a father dragged the family to every possible point of interest for hundreds of miles there around. Some people think the region boring, but I found it dramatic and interesting, and filled with fascinating history.

Here's the blurb for my story, "After the Wind."

Rancher Micah Dawes needs water and strikes a deal with two unsavory men for the services of a captive water elemental named Rain. Twenty years ago, a mysterious disaster devastated the Llano Estacado and cursed the survivors with abilities the government promptly outlawed. Micah pities Rain, but he has to play his cards close to his vest—because Micah, too, survived the Wind.

 I really had fun with this one! 1868 Texas. Weirdlings. A mysterious event that created them. A government determined to exploit and eradicate them. The Ogallala aquifer. Micah, and Rain, and Comanches.

More details and an excerpt once the story has been edited.


  1. I'm *so* looking forward to this! I definitely enjoy Weird West stories.

    1. Oh, I hope you enjoy it. :) The anthology will be released by Dreamspinner in November and will contain stories by lots of great authors. I'm in wonderful company. :D