Friday, March 4, 2016

A Story of Art and War

Mix a matchmaking emperor, a battle-hardened general, a beautiful hero-worshiping slave, and an artist who uses paintbrushes as sex toys and what do you get?

You get Victory Portrait, the fourth book in the Pride of Uttor series.

I'm so pumped for this story! Originally free online as a short, it was just shy of 12,000 words. An added POV and many pages of development later, it stands at 78,000 words of art, war, and two men destined for each other--if only they could meet.

Just for starters, here are inspiration photos of Peta, a prince held as slave by the Uttoran emperor, and...

Darius, the triumphant general whose portrait the emperor wants painted.

Darius has no patience for portraits...but he might be tempted to stay for the sittings for a chance to gaze upon the most beautiful young man in Uttor.

One look at Peta and Darius falls. Hard. Very, very hard.

If only the artist, who uses semen and pre-come to bind the colors of his paints, would stop teasing the slave boy for more....

I hope to have a cover soon to share. Maybe an excerpt on Monday? Sex scene? Character moment?


  1. Oh goodness, I have been waiting for this for years! I loved the short story, except for the fact it was short. Can't wait for the release date!

    1. Should be in April, Rachel! I'm finalizing the cover art with the publisher now. Yay! Look for a few more excerpts along the way too. :)