Saturday, October 10, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: Adored

Here’s another sexy mini-excerpt from my next release, Adored. The book is scheduled for October 21st.

Adored is a MF romance and third book in the Pride of Uttor series. Adora Leonnte, the stolen princess rescued in the first book, Captive Heart, is the kind of woman who knows what she wants, as seen in this snippet where hunky prince Vallmer has just given Adora an amber necklace—and she decides to show it off.

* * * *

Adora raised her hands to her shoulder to undo the pin of her gown, then did the same for the other shoulder. The released fabric fell to her waist, where it was stopped by her girdle of gold. It would be a loss, really, if Vallmer should leave Uttor without having ever seen her breasts. They were her best feature, after all. She watched with satisfaction as his mouth fell open and his pupils widened. 

“By the prayers of all the Prophets—”

“Tell me the necklace doesn’t look even better like this.”

His gaze told her it did. The amber beads flowed like droplets of honey over her skin and dipped in a trail of fire between her full breasts. Her nipples stood erect with an excitement any man would notice. 

“Now you,” she said. Her own breathing had quickened. She was taking an enormous risk. As a rule, men who followed the Koth faith frowned on bold women… but if she did nothing and simply allowed Vallmer to be proper, she might never experience more than a kiss from her handsome suitor.


“I would like very much to see more of you also.”

* * * *

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