Friday, October 16, 2015

Adored to be Released Next Week

Adored, the third book in the Pride of Uttor series, will be released next week by Resplendence! This is the book with my pregnant heroine. After all, pregnancy doesn’t put a stop to desire…or love. It just gets in the way.

First off, isn’t this a gorgeous cover? I love the rich colors. The world of Uttor is vibrant and passionate. So is Adora, a woman who, pregnant or not, is determined to set her own course in life. I think the cover conveys that—at least I hope so!


It takes true strength to overcome tragedy and survive.

Adora Leonnte, sister to the Uttoran emperor, endured a year trapped in a nightmarish forced marriage to a Sebboyan prince driven by a sinister prophecy to take her against her will. The war that followed destroyed the small country, but she emerges unbroken…if not unscathed. Safe again in Uttor, she vows to put the horrors she faced behind her and once again become the fearless young woman she was before her abduction.

As fate would have it, her hated kidnapper left her carrying his child, and that is a condition even she cannot wish away. Adora’s enduring hope for romance fades until a blue-eyed, self-possessed foreigner walks back into her life and reawakens feelings promising the erotic delights of which she’s always dreamed.

Vallmer Berringen, the handsome and devout prince of a country allied with conquered Sebboy, has come to Uttor for two reasons: to secure the treaty that will give his country a much needed alliance, and to fulfill his father’s orders to use the occasion to find a suitable bride. Captivated by Adora’s intelligence and courage, Vallmer is torn by the fact she is both pregnant and pagan. Her infamous reputation taints Adora, a woman that a man of his position and faith should never be tempted to woo.

Can he reconcile his vision for his country with his passion for a woman whose spirit sets his blood on fire—but for whom kingdoms have gone to war?

* * * *

The next book in the series, Victory Portrait, will tell the story of enslaved royal Peta Kordeun and the triumphant Uttoran general Darius Arrento, who falls for the beautiful captive when ordered by his emperor to sit for an infamous artist….

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