Monday, February 9, 2015

The LGBT Love Is Love Blog Hop and Giveaway

Welcome to the Love is Love Blog Hop. The Rafflecopter link and more details about the giveaway are at the bottom of this post. I will be holding a separate giveaway just for this blog on a post tomorrow.

As for what I think about love…

Love between human beings is an amazing thing. We read about it. Write about it. Talk about it. Most of us want as much as possible of it in our lives.

That’s why it amazes me to see so many people—who probably think of themselves as loving, who want love and give love—try to deprive others of the right to love. For ourselves—but not others?

I believe that love needs only be consensual to be good. It may be difficult, such as when two people are not in a position socially or legally to act on their feelings, or it may be complicated, because sometimes love is not the only emotion or obligation involved—but the love itself is not wrong. Sometimes the actions or decisions people lay on the altar of love are wrong. But love?

A very wise man once told me “You can’t legislate morality.” He was so right. (He was also a legislator, and knew what he was talking about.) People can make laws. They can force people to obey laws. But no law ever written, enacted, or enforced ever made a good person out of a bad one, or made a sinner into a saint.

A law can tax money out of people’s pockets, but it cannot make them generous.

A law can make it illegal to love (or hate), but it cannot prevent love (or hate).

What triumphs is love itself. More love. So let’s celebrate love and do what we can as loving people to create more of it.

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Stop by tomorrow for a post all about what I’ve been writing and the books coming out this year. I will also be holding a special giveaway just for readers of my blog.

And check out this blog hop prize!

All of the authors below have contributed to this great prize. A Kindle loaded with books! A veritable library of LGBT love at your fingertips.

Ebook Prizes:

Aidee LadnierThe Break-in
Amanda YoungWinner chooses from author's available titles
Bronwyn HeeleyWinner chooses from author's available titles
C. J. AnthonyHeaven
Charlie CochraneSomething from my back list - winner's choice.
David ConnorTidings of Comfort and Joey Down Under
DP DenmanWinner chooses from author's available titles
Elin GregoryAlike As Two Bees
Ethan StoneWinner chooses from author's available titles
Eva LefoyLove is a Mess anthology
H.B. PattskynHanging by the Moment
J.M. DabneyWhen All Else Fails
Jessie GThe Protector
Julie Lynn HayesWhen Will I See You Again
Lisabet SaraiNecessary Madness
Lynley WayneWinner chooses from author's available titles
M.A. ChurchThe Harvest series (book #1 and book #2)
Morticia knightAll Fired Up (Sin City Uniforms 1)
N.J. NielsenWinner chooses from author's available titles
Sibley JacksonPrivate Performance
Sue BrownThe Next Call
Tali SpencerDangerous Beauty
Tara LainCanning the Center
Thianna DurstonThe Blake/Dusty Chronicles: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Alexa MilneRainbow Connection (due out 13th Feb) or Sporting Chance.
Anne BarwellWinner chooses from author's available titles
April KelleyWhispers of Home
Brandon ShireThe Love of Wicked Men - Episode One
Catherine LievensJamie
Cecil WildeDefying Convention
Christopher KoehlerPoz
Draven St. JamesScent of a Wolf
Elizabeth NobleWinner chooses from author's available titles
Hayley B JamesUndercover Addiction
Jennifer WrightAll 3 Finding Home Series books - Pavarus, Morvea, & Airos
Karen StivaliMoment of Impact
Kendall McKenna1) Strength of the Pack 2)Waves Break My Fall
L M SomertonRasputin's Kiss
Lily G BluntPaint the Sky
Megan LindenRunning Off the Edge
Stephen del MarDark Love
TM SmithOpposites
Shiloh Saddler
Tracey Michael
Private Pleasure
Pretty Please

Hop sites:

A.J. Marcus
Aidee Ladnier
Alexa Milne
Amanda Young
Annabeth Albert
Anne Barwell
April Kelley
Brandon Shire
Bronwyn Heeley
C. J. Anthony
Catherine Lievens
Cecil Wilde
Charlie Cochrane
Christopher Koehler
David Connor
DP Denman
Draven St. James
Elin Gregory
Elizabeth Noble
Ethan Stone
Eva Lefoy
H.B. Pattskyn
Hayley B James
J.M. Dabney
Jennifer Wright
Jessie G
Julie Lynn Hayes
Karen Stivali
Kazy Reed
Kendall McKenna
L M Somerton
Lily G Blunt
Lisabet Sarai
Lynley Wayne
M.A. Church
Megan Linden
Morticia knight
N.J. Nielsen
Neil Plakcy
Sibley Jackson
Stephen del Mar
Sue Brown
Tali Spencer
Tara Lain
Thianna Durston
TM Smith
Shiloh Saddler
Tracey Michael

This is a really great prize and I hope everyone takes a moment to enter here and on the other blogs.

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