Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Super Sekrit Valentine Giveaway Winner

The Love is Love Blog Hop is over and if you entered that, the organizer will contact the winner of the Kindle giveaway—and dozens of books! Because Amazon cannot pre-load a Kindle, the winner cannot get the books until they receive the ereader and register it.

The blog hop’s organizer will contact me so I can email the winner the .mobi file of Dangerous Beauty. So that’s how that will happen.

Some of you also know I ran a Super Sekrit $20 gift card giveaway just for this blog. Yeah, I do things like that. Quite a few people commented on that post, so thank you! In fact, my characters thank you… it appears a lot of them would be welcome to visit you!

This morning Cate the poodle and a random number generator helped me pick a winner… Kathy Clevenger!

I’ve already contacted Kathy and she will be getting her gift card.

Thanks everyone for making this Valentine Love is Love Blog Hop a huge success!

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  1. You are beyond amazing, Tali. THanks sooooo much! <3<3<3