Monday, August 25, 2014

Meet My Character Blog Tour: Vorgell the Barbarian Tells (Almost) All

Lovely fellow author Elyzabeth VaLey tapped me on theshoulder for this blog tour. Most of my characters fled at my approach, all but one….


Welcome, Vorgell. Thank you for stopping by to answer a few questions.

V: It’s the least I can do in exchange for all the wine I can drink and a tray of cookies! These are very good.

Please, eat them all. I can’t eat cookies anyway.

V: Has a wizard cursed you? I know someone who can remedy that.

No, no. It’s punishment for a lifelong love affair with sweets. Besides, we want to know more about you. After your adventure with a unicorn horn—

V: You promised not to talk about that.

I’m not. But the… encounter left you with an unusual appetite for sex. How’s that going for you?

V: Very well, other than walking around with intense erections and, as a result, a great deal of frustration. My partner, Madd, understands my affliction and accommodates me often enough to keep me reasonably happy. That he forbids me from pleasuring him in certain ways I think would be greatly satisfying is something I must live with.

Madd being on the bottom, you mean?

V: His ass is enchanting. See? I’m hard just thinking about it.

Let’s get off that topic. When we left you and Madd in Thick as Thieves, you were working for Tagard, the thief king, and owed a favor to the witch Ibeena. Is that still the situation in the next book, Thick as Ice?

V: Yes, but not for long. For one thing, Ibeena calls in her favor and that’s all it takes to turn our lives inside out. Next thing you know, it’s up to us to stop a war. And a wedding.

What is Ibeena’s favor?

V: We’re to fetch her mother. Laugh if you dare. I laughed too, at first. But if you think Ibeena was bad, that is only because you have not yet met her mother. Thanks to Ibeena, we cross paths with many interesting people, including a hermit wizard whose fiend thinks it is a dog, and an evil duke who is romancing our friend Reannry’s sister, Gillja. We can’t put a finger on it, but neither Madd nor I trust him—nor does Petal, who hisses whenever we say his name.

Then Petal is still with you? She didn’t run off and join the other basilisks wherever basilisks live?

V: Why, Petal is the most loyal of friends! Other than Madd, of course, a man I trust with my back and my purse. Petal appears determined to stay with me. Madd claims she thinks I am her mother. Or possibly a lover, given how jealous she can be. It’s difficult to know what basilisks believe. She has been growing lately and shedding her skin more often. Also there are these odd bumps on her shoulders that she insists on having me scratch.

Do you run into any other magical creatures?

V: None as lovely as Petal. But our world has a great variety of creatures, and most are dangerous. In the next book I nearly get frozen by an ice harpy, drowned by winter goblins, do battle with a kraken, and encounter a unicorn.

A unicorn? Surely you didn’t—

V: Wolves’ breath, no! I know enough now to tell the difference between a unicorn and a deer. No, I do not harm it, even though… well, the creature behaved strangely. I believe it… it thinks it knows me.


V: Do I have cause to be afraid?

by J. Lubrano
Whos afraid of unicorns? Moving on. Do you and Madd have any relationship moments for readers to look forward to?

V: A few. We’re still figuring things out. Madd thinks I’m overprotective and perhaps I am. I know how when I first met him I assumed because he is small and finely made, and pretty, he must of course be used sexually. Isn’t that what small, pretty men are for? So I… know too well what other men are thinking.

I am learning to respect Madd’s restrictions. He needs them. But he has begun to lower his defenses on occasion. From time to time he shows me a part of him that other men damaged, and that is when I have the chance to show him I can be there with him, that he has someone who will not leave him. For that, I think, we are even stronger together than ever.

Can I share a little of that together time?

V: May I have more cookies?


Excerpt from Thick as Ice:

Although warm and sour, the mead slid like golden honey down Madd’s throat. He didn’t really like the swill, but drink made certain things come easier. Like giving Vorgell those smiles.

After several months as partners, he’d been doing a lot of nonsense like that, though most of the time he tried to hide it. It was more than just that he found his oversized partner useful, and Vorgell’s semen a ready source of magic. Saying he only wanted Vorgell around for the magic felt more like a lie every day. He actually enjoyed the man’s company, and not just when they were working together. He even liked the sex. Something was going on with him, something scary, and the best defense Madd had found against fear was to drown it in magic and mead.

It didn’t help that having Vorgell at hand allowed him to behave in ways he might not otherwise have dared.

Hell, he could dress like a lord, show himself off in the worst quarter of the city, flirt with strangers he had no intention in the world of bedding, and offer himself as brazenly as any whore. And he could do this because giant, sword brandishing Vorgell was sitting just feet away with his pals, looking like a battle god come to earth while keeping eye on him with the territorial gaze of a wolf. It was uncanny how the drunker Madd got, the more sober Vorgell seemed to become. Like now, for instance. Vorgell appeared to be damn near clear-headed.

Madd put his mug down for the last time. Another round with his cup might cost him the ability to walk. Being slung over Vorgell’s shoulder for the trip back to their accommodations would be humiliating.

“Let’s go home,” he said.

Vorgell’s companions looked annoyed, but they didn’t try to stop the big man from rising to join Madd.

“You good to walk?”

“Of course.” Madd proceeded to prove the point. Even with mead in his blood he was more coordinated than most people. Vorgell reaching an arm around his shoulder to steady him really wasn’t necessary.

They reached street level and were immediately wrapped in darkness and summer’s oppressive swelter. Gurgh’s rivers made sure of the latter. The thick air was enough to clog a man’s lungs. And the stench… Madd forced his stomach back down his throat. The fetid stink of the river didn’t mix well with the mead sitting in his gut.

“Aw, Madd, you’re not going to puke again, are you?”

He was glad for Vorgell’s arm now, guiding him along the street and making it easy for him to walk with his eyes closed. He trusted Vorgell to spy any threats. “I don’t puke. I never puke unless I ate something foul. I told you, my Gran taught me a spell against excess drink and, thanks to you, I have all the magic in the world.”

“Yes, well, you’re letting me lead you.”

“Only because drink makes me fuzzy a little. But I won’t puke.” They walked more or less in a straight line down a street half paved with rough stones. In one of the doorways two figures grappled and moaned and bumped loudly enough to have awakened the inhabitants, who shouted for them to cease.

“Whenever you drink, I end up fighting someone.”

“Yes, me. Because you always step in before I finish anyone off.” Madd knew why Vorgell did it, but knowing didn’t make him like it better.

“Tagard put us on notice. I’ve been trying to restrain myself but when I see men beset you, I feel only an urge to crush their skulls. It doesn’t help that when you drink, you flirt like a man in search of a bounce in bed.”

“I don’t flirt with just anyone, only with you. I can’t help it other men mistake my target.”

“Me? Since when?”

“Since… I don’t know. Do you really expect me to be able to answer questions coherently right now? Besides”—Madd swam against the swirl inside his head—“I want you to trust me to fend for myself. I can handle a blade. I always could use a knife and now you taught me to use a sword and that damn axe you’re so fond of—”

“At which you are terrifying. The only thing you ever killed with it was a head of lettuce.”

True. He’d been aiming for a practice dummy Vorgell had set up in the garden of their most recent abode. Which reminded him…

“I think we can afford a better neighborhood. Tomorrow I’ll fence another ruby and we can buy one of those fancy houses in the Nightingale quarter. We can get servants and be respectable.”

“That won’t arouse anyone’s suspicions.”


Many thanks to Vorgell for being brave enough to be interviewed. When I left him, he was polishing off a second plate of cookies and sharpening his ax.

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Any questions for Vorgell? He’ll answer anything as long as I keep bringing the cookies. :D


  1. Great interview and excerpt. Looking forward to the release of Thick as Ice so very much. I miss these two and Petal too! : )

    1. Thanks, Alex! They look forward to romping the pages again! :)

  2. Yay Vorgell! If Madd doesn't need him, I'm more than happy to take up the challenge! :D Looking forward to the sequel! Can't wait!

    1. Oh, Madd needs him. He just doesn't want Vorgell to know how much. Control issues, you know. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I am grinning from ear to ear. I love Vorgell and Madd! And Petal! I wonder what those bumps are... I can´t wait for the sequel! And again, thank you for accepting to be a part of this tour,Tali!

    1. I'm having a blast, Elyzabeth, and Vorgell is enjoying the cookies. :)

  4. *Flails of happiness* This was amazing! Thank you so much for doing this and, of course, thank you to Vorgell or participating. ;)

    1. Vorgell is happy to romping on the pages again. :) Thanks for paying us a visit!

  5. So great to have an interview with Vorgell and get an update about the two of them. Enjoyed the excerpt.

  6. That was awesome, both the interview and the excerpt, thanks so much for sharing. Now, question for Vorgell; you said the unicorn acted strangely, like he knew you. Will you be expanding on that in Thick as Ice? Also, how did it feel being so close to another unicorn horn again? That's a lot of magic so close together!

    1. Yay! Vorgell's thrilled to answer any questions. :)

      Vorgell: In Thick as Ice, you will learn more about unicorns and about this one in particular. Apparently they recognize their own magic and I am full of it. Indeed, full of a certain unicorn's magic. Things look grim for me for a while.

      Being close to another unicorn is terrifying. Seeing its horn brought on memories of my first encounter, so you can imagine my embarrassment--and the stiffness of my erection. Not to mention a powerful attraction... let's just say the solution involves an unhappy witch and a perplexed unicorn.

    2. WOOP! Thank you Vorgell! *delivers more cookies*

      I was SO hoping there would be more about the unicorn and really was curious how the "horning" would play out in Thick as Ice. So anxious to read it, thank you again!

  7. "...let's just say the solution involves an unhappy witch and a perplexed unicorn."

    LOL! Oh, this is going to be so good :D
    I am so excited for this book!

    1. If unicorns only knew the uses to which their horns are put in this world... LOL

  8. Catching up on my insane back log of things to read is so much more fun when there are gems like this hidden amongst it! Thank you, Tali, and Vorgell too, for indulging in the chat!

    1. Glad to oblige. It was a really fun post to write. :)

  9. The highest level of YES! was delivered! Oh Vorgell, how I missed him so!

    Unicorns are super bad ass. He should be worried. LOL. Thanks for the snippet!

    1. Yes, unicorns are super bad ass. They're elusive and intelligent and actually quite fierce in the wild. As Vorgell now has reason to know. He does, indeed, have reason to fear...