Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hop Against Homophobia Winners

Though we're all winners when it comes to this event, three people who commented on my blog post are walking away with prizes.

This morning Cate the poodle and I sat down and picked names from a hat (well, actually a random number generator, but I wish it was a hat) and Cate thumped her tail and got a treat for every pick. She thanks you very much.

The winners are:

~ Copy of any of my books (ebook or paperback): Rodney Batterman and Rissa

~ $10 gift card: Sherry 

I've sent an email to each of the winners and will arrange to get their prizes to them.

Thanks so much to everyone who visited this blog. My post was quite personal and I didn't even realize how much Alfie and Benny meant to me until I actually wrote it. It's strange and also wonderful how powerfully people whose lives seem to barely touch our own can leave so profound an impact.

Shortly after I posted that post, one of my kids asked his father about what he thinks about gays marrying and was shocked when my ex said he thought it was all right. He mentioned Alfie and Benny as having had a stronger marriage than his own. If he could see that, and come to the conclusion he did, even old homophobes can someday see the light.

Maybe I'll make that next year's post.

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