Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tease Me Thursday: Thick as Ice

The Wednesday Briefs group is starting up Tease Me Thursday, a blog hop for sharing snippets of member works not already being posted as Briefs. I thought it would be fun to post little snips of Thick as Ice, the sequel to Thick as Thieves.

In this bit, giant barbarian Vorgell and his witch partner Madd have just handed off a stolen harpy to their buyer and Vorgell has only one thing on his mind.


“He certainly can’t wait to get cold air into someone’s palace,” Madd noted. His shaggy black hair hung in sweaty curls around his ears and neck. He turned to Vorgell. “You have his rubies, right?”

He patted his breast pocket and gave Madd a lustful leer. “What shall we do to celebrate?”

“Not here. In case you haven’t noticed, this creepy old temple belongs to the Mournful Goddess of Watery Death. The reason it’s in disrepair is because every time anyone does something to anger the goddess, this part of the damn river floods.”

“Do men enjoying each other’s cocks make her angry?”

“Who the hell knows? Maybe the priests just make that stuff up, but I’m not taking chances.” Madd walked gingerly across the slime covered ruins and jumped catlike into the boat. He looked back at Vorgell. “Are you coming?”

“Apparently not any time soon.” He climbed down into the boat and took a seat at the oars. Pushing the end of one against the crumbling stone of the temple, he moved them back out into the stream. With any luck and some concerted rowing they could cross the river to Gurgh and conduct the rest of their business before the taverns opened.

If he couldn’t find some way to tumble Madd before nightfall, Vorgell would have no choice but to resort to brawling and strong ale.


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  1. Omg... You know how much I loved Madd and Vorgel! This little snippet is great, and now I want more!!!! Lol. Are you already done with it, or is it still a wip? And when might we get more?!?!?!?

    1. I shared the first scene from the new book in a guest post on Boy Meets Boy Reviews in January.

      Writing on this book was delayed by my cancer surgery, but I'm back up to speed now and it's a bit more than half done. I plan to share snippets here and there until it's finished. :D Thanks so much for letting me know you want more!

  2. Yay! Add me to the list of eager fans. I love those guys. Great snippet.

  3. I'm definitely looking forward to the sequel. Thick as Thieves was so much fun to read. I was hoping it might continue. **does a happy dance**

    1. Thank you! Nothing makes my day more than learning someone enjoyed one of my stories. *hug*