Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tease Me Thursday: Thick as Ice #2

For this week’s Tease Me Thursday, I thought it would be fun to post a sexier snippet from Thick as Ice, the sequel for Thick as Thieves.

In this bit, giant barbarian Vorgell finally has his partner Madd alone, or at least alone enough, and is pressing for action.


“You know how I feel. I really need you, Madd.” He hoped it didn’t sound too much like a plea.

“I can see that.”

For once his partner didn’t mock his rampant urges. One never knew with Madd. He could be kisses and surrender one day and the next he would bite off the head of anyone—man or woman—who looked him in the eye. Right now they were both soaked through from the heat and their clothing stuck to their bodies, but Vorgell crushed Madd against him, lowering his head to pursue a kiss. As always, Madd tensed. Even after months freed from the love collar, he flinched. But then he relaxed into it, his mouth turning soft and welcoming Vorgell’s eager tongue.

“We did it,” Vorgell said when they parted for air. It pleased him to see Madd look like a man well-kissed.

“We’re fucking rich.”

“Yes. And I shall give you your share of the rubies only after you’ve delivered on my reward.” Vorgell straightened and canted his pelvis forward, pushing his engorged cock insistently against Madd’s belly.

From where she hunkered on the threshold, Petal huffed and looked away, her nose tilted with disdain. She preferred hunting to watching humans do undignified things to each other. 


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  1. You are evil! I was about to get a little peeved since you left us there but then...Petal. I can't stop giggling, " watching humans do undignified things to each other." *snorts* Seriously, my cheeks are hurting from the huge smile. heh

    1. Always happy to make a friend smile on her birthday! :D

    2. Aww! Thanks! I did kind of feel like it was a special treat today!