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Wednesday Briefs: Sealed in Stone #26

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After wrapping up Uncool” in two posts over Valentine's Day, I’m picking up again with Sealed in Stone, M/M science fiction about Torrey and Willem, two human youths who love each other but must fight to stay together when Torrey becomes the Chosen of the alien Queen who rules over their people.

In this chapter, the Queen has entered her nuptial phase… a sensual, dangerous time.

From this week’s numerous prompts, I chose “Watch me.” Though I fudged by making it internal monologue.  



Sealed in Stone #26

When Cyrrhi’s warriors came for them, Torrey wrapped Willem in his arms to prevent him from fighting. There was no escape. A nom Queen’s phase was the most dangerous three days on the planet. Her pheromones filled the air, not just in her chamber but throughout her nom. Every nomari that inhaled her scent became aggressive and hypersensitive. Warriors, especially, attacked anything—anyone—perceived to be a threat to their Queen.

A combative human male mindless with sexual urges would be considered a threat.

Stay with me. Torrey spoke to Willem through kisses and the urgent press of their bodies. Watch me. Stay with me. Don’t fight.

He was thankful now for the training he’d undertaken. Deep meditative techniques gave him more command of his mind than poor Willem possessed. His friend’s wild aggression scared him a little because he had never seen Willem this way. The way Willem looked at him, wanting only to touch, mouth, and fuck, bore little resemblance to the passionate but thoughtful boy he’d fallen in love with. And yet that boy was there inside, afflicted and vulnerable, and it was up to Torrey now to protect him.

A swarm of workers and warriors carried them. Naked, Torrey and Willem remained in each other’s arms as alien hands and bodies bore them to Cyrrhi’s nuptial chamber. Red light glowed from the walls, like through the flesh of a hand held to a midday sun. Warm. And the bed was wide, writhing with slick, naked flesh. In the midst of it was Cyrrhi, golden from the hair spread beneath her to the paint on her toes. She beckoned with open, ruby lips.

“My Chosen!” she announced, whereupon Hari looked at them from beneath thick lashes, his mouth upon her breast. Like the others—Aktu attending her other breast and Nak using his mouth between her legs—Hari was glazed with desire. He curled his tongue over Cyrrhi’s nipple, displaying his access to her and lifted his hips so they could see the queen’s hand gripping his erection. “Join us.”

They had no choice. The nomari holding them dumped their prizes on the bed.

Cyrrhi reached to stroke Willem's face.  “I understand now why you favor him.” With one finger she traced the scar on his cheek. “But for this, he is flawless. Not pretty as you are, yet he is a fine example of your kind.” Her hand trailed down Willem’s body, gold-painted nails following the trail of hair to the dense curls around the base of his erect cock.

At the first tightening of Willem's muscles, Torrey pulled his friend’s head down so he could kiss him hard and deep. To his relief, Willem responded by pulling him closer, extending the kiss. Cyrrhi’s hand between them, caressing Willem’s cock and teasing his, did not ask for permission. Her touch bestowed an essence that made both of them moan.

“Beautiful. He is as gifted as any favorite.” With that pronouncement, Cyrrhi withdrew her hand, though not her attention. “Show me, Chosen. Show me why you dream of this one and not me.”

Her words held subtle menace. Torrey shot her a look, peering at her above Willem’s thick hair. Willem had ceased to notice anything around him and was laying hot kisses on Torrey’s throat and neck. Cyrrhi’s eyes met his with heat but no trace of cruelty. Not yet. She was also engaged, her lush golden body grappled at the waist by Hari. The yellow haired slave thrust his slick and ready cock against her thigh while he murmured a plea for release.

“Torrey.” Willem groaned aloud, the name vibrating with need.

Aware of Cyrrhi’s hungry gaze, Torrey surrendered to Willem’s hot mouth and hands. What the Queen knew or hoped to prove barely mattered. None of them could deny their urges. That Willem did not seem to notice or care that they were not alone, Torrey counted as a blessing. He gave himself over with an audible moan of relief and longing.

Once he allowed lust to rule his mind there would be no return to sanity. He filled his senses with Willem, the taste of his mouth, his skin, his sex and all the hunger that swelled between them. Sometimes he felt Nak’s hands join them, sometimes Aktu’s, teasing them both, their nipples and arms and bellies. But it was Willem who surged between Torrey legs, and Willem who teased him open with tongue and fingers and then entered him without words. There were no words for the need that left him open and begging and wanting each urgent stab of Willem’s cock, the slap slap of their flesh colliding to create one thrusting, grunting, mindless being consumed by lust and pleasure.

Cyrrhi’s scent enveloped both of them. Some deep corner of Torrey’s mind registered that the Queen touched his lips, then kissed them, contributing her nuptial essences to his helpless lust, and that She was probably doing the same to Willem. He sensed her approval and that the sight of him entwined with Willem both excited and pleased her. He came for her, the first time, because his body could take no more and She took up that essence, tasting it and rubbing it upon her lips. But he did not soften. No male in Her presence did. Willem had come more than once inside him and was still hard and driven to rut for as long as his muscles could move.

It was not just a story to scare kumbh children that servicing a queen in estrous could kill a man.

Only a successful fertilization of Cyrrhi’s eggs would quickly end the frenzy, and for that human males were useless. She used them for ease only until the time her true mate had fully manifested his fertile state. A day, perhaps two. She would then dismiss them all so She might complete her nuptial with the drone.

Torrey began to pray for that.


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  1. Hot Hot Hot! It's a bit like Japanimation tentacle sex, where everybody stays in a hyper-stimulated state -- only better! At least She's letting the two boys be together. And *we* get to watch!! ;)

    1. Funny thing, but I really like tentacle sex stories. There's just something about all that... penetration going on that's kinda hot!