Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Uncool #5

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, a blog hop where authors post 500-1000 words of free flash fiction. I am serializing a story, so this post continues with Carson, who is finding out things he doesn’t want to know and trying to figure out what to do next.

This week’s prompts were: “Swear on our friendship.” or “My mama always said some things are better left unsaid.” or “Stop beating around the bush.” or “What's good for the goose is good for the gander.” or “The nice thing about standards is, there are so many to choose from.” or use: pillow, wood, dishcloth or feature a tornado in your story or use: straw, knife, candle or have a character sneeze repeatedly or “How do you mend a broken heart” or “Can things get any worse?” I went with “Can things get any worse?”

Want to read the story of Carson’s first meeting with the mysterious “Sir”? You can read “Unwrapped” here. The chapters are linked.



Uncool #5

“In a minute, Carson. There’s more you need to know.”

I lowered my eyes again. Of course there was more to this, there had to be… or Stewart would be angrier. I’d seen him deeply angry, furious in fact, and this wasn’t it. This was more like frustration.

“While I don’t know much about his business dealings with your father, I know a lot about Reed Bradley’s character as a dominant. We’ve moved in the same circles for more years than I care to count. He’s discreet, experienced, and has a good reputation. He knows I’m acting as your dom—and he’s respected that arrangement. He didn’t try to get to you behind my back. He has always approached me first. Until last night. That event had its own rules and while I may not like it, he followed them… he followed them even this morning. He sent the package, but it was my decision to give it to you.”



“He used me!”

“You put yourself out there to be used.”

The icy words slapped straight at my wounded pride. I’d gotten exactly what I’d wanted. I’d fantasized for weeks about some mystery dominant bidding on and winning me so he could then use my naked body like a toy. I’d wanted that so much my cock had been in an almost perpetual state of erection and it had been impossible to think straight. And my fantasy had happened. Reed Bradley had used me so thoroughly, so deeply, my body still ached from his pleasure. I was half hard now just thinking about it. But he’d also screwed me in ways that left me reeling. He’d screwed more than a body. He’d screwed me.

“I don’t want to meet him.”

“Are you sure?” Stewart’s direct gaze pinned me like twin lasers, but the gruff rumble in his voice let me know he would do whatever I decided.

“No.” Part of me did want to meet the man who’d tied my body up in knots. On the other hand, another part of me—the part frantic to keep me miles away from asshole jerks—was telling me never to let it happen again. “I don’t know what the hell is going on with me, or him. But until I am sure, I don’t want to meet him.”

“All right, then. I’ll call him and make your wishes absolutely clear. Now can I trust you not to run out into the snow without your head screwed on straight?”

“Yes. I mean, can things get any worse? But I will get my head straight. I just need to… I need to be away, away from all this”—I glanced at the playroom and its collection of kink—“and put it out of my head. I thought I’d stay with Lenie a while.” It felt right to meet Stewart’s steady gaze again. “She’s good for when I need to escape. And I do have my Master’s project to finish.”

“By summer.” Amusement twinkled in his dark eyes.

“Yeah, well, it might be good for me to focus on postage stamp sized parks for a while—and not think too much about why I always get tied up and fucked by assholes.”

“Maybe you’re overthinking it. A dominant personality isn’t the same thing as strength of character. They don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Don’t hand over your power so easily, Carson. However much you want to do that, make sure the person you trust with your submission is worthy of it.” Stewart rose from his chair and walked to clap me on the shoulder. “You can have it all, you know. Get tied up, get fucked, find a master, get a graduate degree in Urban Planning and Design.”

I nodded. I wanted to believe it. Sometimes I wondered if my dream of finding a dominant I could serve through bondage was just a way to escape becoming a responsible adult. I wanted to hand over my body to another, allow him to collar and chain and control me until I surrendered, yielded, became… his. But so far, except for Stewart, my attempts had led only to disrespect and feeling incredibly ill-used.

“Thank you, sir,” I said.

“I’ll drive you over.”

“I’d rather walk, sir, unless you think it’s dangerous.”

“Slippery. Not dangerous. Are you sure?”

“Yes. It’s not that far, and the snow’s pretty. I like it.”

What I wanted most at that moment was to forget about bondage and submission entirely, leave all of it behind, and just vanish back into the fabric of ordinary society. At least I somewhat succeeded at that. I fit in at Starbucks. I blended in on the streets. It was different with the lifestyle. There, every time I tried to find a place for myself, my fucking needs, I failed miserably. I wanted what Stewart and Jase had, what other couples I knew through The Club had. Not to be the damned fuck of the night, but the one and only fuck of a lifetime.

Yeah, that.

I’d put my dream out there on Christmas Eve, all right—all shiny hopes and tinsel—and Reed Bradley had thrown it back in my face. 

I needed space, and lots of it. Stewart and Jase had each other and having me around would just spoil their holiday. Going to my condo would just make it easy for people to find me. I needed to find refuge with someone not associated at all with either the lifestyle or the rest of my fucked up life.

Maybe Lenie could help me get my head back to center. She’d done it before. But could anyone ever help me to do it again?

Was my need for control, for leather and ropes, worth all this hurt and confusion? Wasnt there just one decent, reasonably normal man out there looking for what I had to offer? At this point I was ready to become a self-flagellating monk.


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  1. This story is going so much deeper than I originally thought it would. And I'm so happy :-) It's nice to see this conflict and something different than the norm. Carson is so conflicted, and it makes me like him even more. I can't wait to hear Reed's side of it all. Damn it, I hate waiting for Wednesday! It's such sweet torture!!


    1. Yeah, Reed is interesting. He tends to go after what he wants... hard. :) I've written ahead (shhh) and kind of am having a blast with this. Thanks for reading!

  2. Carson is working his way into my heart. And I agree, I want to know what Reed is doing! Thank you for giving me a reason to look forward to Wednesday.

    1. I hope you'll find Reed interesting when he makes his appearance. He's not an easy man to figure out, but it might be hard for Carson to see him clearly now. ;-)

  3. hmmm this is getting into some interesting territory with Reed. I'm intrigued!