Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Uncool

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. For this hop, authors post 7 paragraphs, or 7 sentences, or 7 words. This can be from a WIP or something published. This week I’m posting 7 hot paragraphs from my WIP, Uncool. It's currently running as a serial here on my blog, but the chapter this sexy snippet is from is a month away from posting.

Submissive Carson spent one night with his mysterious Sir. Finding out who Sir was broke his heart. So what happens when they finally, truly, get together? What do you think? ;)


I quivered when Sir pressed a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing down on the nipple ring while he assessed my response. Of course both nipples hardened to begging peaks.

“Nice,” he said, “but far too plain. Let me fix that.” He reached into his pocket to pull out a small velvet pouch, tipping it to pour two bits of gold into his palm. Not just ordinary nipple bars, these were custom: each had a beautifully wrought R on the left and a just as beautiful B on the right. With the expertise of a man accustomed to working with nipple jewelry, Sir removed the little ring in my right nipple, replaced it with one of the bars, and expertly capped it. He did the same to my left nipple. When he was done, his initials adorned my chest. He might as well have stamped me ‘Property of Reed Bradley’.

“Do you like them?”

“Yes, Sir.” I did. A lot.

“Maybe I’ll let you keep them after tonight.”

My damn cock liked that prospect so much I was rock hard now and leaking, while my outflanked brain was screaming at me to slow down, that this was just a scene and Sir was, at this point, just another dom Stewart had agreed could use me. Trouble was, he was also a dom I wanted to use me.

He cupped my face with his hand and ran his thumb across my lower lip, quirking a smile when I opened my mouth to caress his skin with my tongue.


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