Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fun With the Unicorn Mafia

One of the things I love about readers is they sometimes allow me to glimpse, however fleetingly, the ways my characters and adventures, or my worlds, entertain them.

Getting a look at that reader connection is difficult for an author. It’s a full-blown example of the observer effect: basically, the act of observing tends to influence the thing being observed. Some readers will write to the author about what they think—fan letters!!!—but most readers don’t say anything at all. Reviews are a mixed bag and really tricky to assess because it’s hard to tell who they’re written for. But every once in a rare while an author is given a gift when readers share exactly what they think about one of her books.

So if you’re up for a few laughs, here’s what a group of 10 readers/reviewers had to say about Thick as Thieves.  In a long, wacky, and pretty darn revealing chat, the Unicorn Mafia over at Boy Meets Boy Reviews raked my book over the coals. Some of them loved the book. Some didn’t like it at all. And I found their discourse absolutely delightful. Wince-worthy and hilarious, it was the highlight of my week, and maybe my year. Because they really do tell each other what they think.

Warning: Refrain from reading this while drinking coffee or anything you don’t want coming out your nose. And if you have a chance, tell them—or me—what you think about this kind of chat!


  1. Boy meets Boy was too funny! I love Thick as Thieves!

  2. Unicorn power!! Or should I say, what a great book, Daisy Rainbow Mane. ;D

    1. Thank you, Unicorns! I compared your chat to getting 10 reviews all thrown into a blender and served up as a smoothie. So much fun! :)