Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday Briefs: Uncool

Welcome to the Holiday Edition of Wednesday Briefs. And wouldnt you know... I decided it would be fun to write a seasonal story! 

So for the next three weeks I’m suspending my current serial and writing a holiday tale. Or rather, continuing one. You see, last year I wrote a little BDSM story called “Unwrapped” [you can read it here] and I thought it would be fun to write the rest of Carson’s Christmas. This week’s episode is the first of at least three.

There were so many great prompts this week I chose two: eggnog and Duck Dynasty.

Happy Holidays to you!



I’m such a loser I wake up on Christmas morning, look out at freshly falling snow while smelling cinnamon and coffee—and wish my naked body was cuffed, collared, and kneeling at the foot of a leather-clad stranger’s tree. It’s not that Master Stewart’s guest bedroom is lacking; the townhouse is warm and cozy and everything a home should be, except it’s not mine. It’s Stewart’s home, and Jase’s. Because they are the couple here and it doesn’t matter how many times I stay over or wake up in this bed to see pictures of covered bridges on the walls, I’m still just a guest.

Carson Chase, guy without a home.

“Hey Carson, get your ass downstairs.” Jase’s head appeared through the half opened door. The elf hat on his long blond hair dangled a sprig of mistletoe. Everyone in range was at risk of his full, sexy lips. “Stewart won’t let me open gifts until you join us.”

I reached for my sweatpants. “Hold on,” I called when Jase moved to withdraw. His head popped back around the door, followed by a green-clad shoulder trimmed with white fur. “I need to talk about what happened at the party last night.”

Jase’s smile dimmed. “Don’t tell me it went bad, or that Stewart lied to me about that—”

“No, it went well. Better than well. It was… I’m really glad I put myself up as a gift this year, because it was fucking amazing. But I don’t think the man who bid on me was one of the usual doms I see at The Club.”

“Hell, Carson, you know the rules. Silent auction. I can’t tell you who won you even if I know.”

“Well, do you know who it was?”

“I’m out of here.” Jase vanished, though he yelled back as he retreated down the hall. “I know what you’re doing!”

Yeah, because the whole world knew Jase couldn’t tell a lie without it being written in neon letters on his face. It was wrong of me to try to put him on the spot, but I couldn’t get Sir out of my mind. I tugged the sweats up over my slightly aching hips and plopped back onto the bed.

Sir. That was the only name I had for the man who had turned my world upside down, and that title applied to just about every dom in the English-speaking world. Narrowing down the list was the first thing I needed to do.

I held up my right arm and turned it over, marveling at how I could still feel thick coils of rope encircling my wrist, both wrists… my ankles too, and my torso and ass… holding my body captive. Hardly a trace of my ordeal remained, just a few red marks on my pale skin. Otherwise, it was like I’d been wrapped in magical rope. Everything about last night felt like a dream, from the moment I’d knelt naked and cuffed at the base of The Club’s holiday tree and allowed myself to be auctioned off, to being wrapped in a coat hours later by Stewart and brought here. All I had left of last night were my memories and two lengths of scarlet rope on the nightstand.

I’d told Stewart not to untie my wrists, but he’d done it anyway.

I sighed and stared out the window again at the Philadelphia streets below, trying to mentally reconstruct the place Sir had used for our scene. The high ceiling and open spaces suggested some kind of loft. Sir had said he’d designed and installed the suspension apparatus himself. Probably his place, then. A spacious loft with a killer view of the skyline.

The man had fucked me in front of floor to ceiling windows, for all the city to see. If I looked in the mirror right now, I’d be red as Rudolph’s nose.

He held me after, I reminded myself, and kissed me too. I got up to find the Christmas sweatshirt I’d remembered to pack for the occasion. Moments later I wore a gingerbread man in bondage under the words “Bite Me” on my chest. After sticking my feet into shearling slippers, I shuffled downstairs.

I found Jase and Stewart near the tree. Presents spread around in a profusion of shining, seasonal paper and glittery ribbons. Stewart occupied his favorite winged armchair, with Jase seated next to the tree and Stewart’s feet. I sat on the floor facing them and watched the way they smiled into each other’s eyes. It was too intimate to look at, so I glanced away. I shouldn’t be here, infringing on their happiness….


My head jerked up to see Stewart holding out a package. I opened it to find an official Duck Dynasty camo wristwatch.

“Hey! This is great!”

“We know how much you love the show.”

“Best. Family. Ever.”

Before long, Stewart and Jase had opened my gifts to them—hand-tooled leather luggage tags, black with a dragon for Stewart and violet paisley for Jase—and we’d moved on to carols and eggnog. When the doorbell rang, Stewart left the room.

“God, I love Christmas!” Jase grinned and leaned dangerously close with his mistletoe. My mood had improved so much there was little chance of my moving out of his path.

Stewart cut our fun short by walking back into the room with a frown on his face and a gift-wrapped package in his hands. Jase bounded to his feet, but Stewart kept the silvery package out his reach. “It’s not for us, Jase. This one’s for Carson.”

“Me?” Packages for me didn’t come to this house. They went to my condo a few blocks away. “Who’s it from?”

“It doesn’t say.”

My heart thumped. Only people from The Club knew I might be with Stewart this morning. I tore open the wrappings and lifted out a cloud of steel blue cashmere. A scarf. And a card.

I would like to meet you.

(continue to next chapter...)

Copyright © 2014 Tali Spencer


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  1. Ooooh, goodie!!! I love this story. I can't wait to see who the Dom is.

  2. Omg... so happy you decided to keep going with this story! It's really hooked me, and I can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!!! And seriously wanna know who Sir is to Carson... since its obvious they know each othee (or at least he knows Carson)!!!!

    1. I've been wanting to write more of this story and now I'm really back into it! I've already written the next couple of Briefs in this story and Sir is... interesting. :) Quite tempted to keep going...

  3. Now I'm curious! Looking forward to next week. :)

  4. Can't wait! I loved this story last year.