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Wednesday Briefs: Uncool #2

Merry Christmas! For the holiday I’m continuing the story of Carson, who shared a Christmas Eve of bondage and hot sex with a mysterious dom and whose life will never be the same. Nothing in life is easy, even for men the rest of the world might think have it all.

I threw in some hot chocolate to be able to meet the story prompts. J

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Wishing all of you a joyous, happy and loving holiday!

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Uncool #2

“I want to meet him.” 

Of course I did! I’d only been thinking about Sir every moment since I’d awakened. Just the memory of his fingers combing my hair, the soft pressure of his lips on my forehead… he hadn’t kissed me on the mouth. But maybe now… I looped the scarf around my neck and thrilled to the sensual caress of the cashmere weave. And the color was perfect!

I’d found a man who understood my love of bondage, and who had great taste too.

“Don’t rush into this—”

“Rush?” I stopped flinging the scarf and shot Stewart a look. Why didn’t he look happy for me? He knew how much I wanted to find a dom. “The man had me at his pleasure last night for hours. I never even saw his face and it didn’t matter. It was like nothing that’s ever happened to me before—I felt a connection.”

“You know why we do this.”

“So the dom can keep control. And if the dom wants more contact with the sub, he or she can initiate it.” I could practically quote the Club’s rule book. I knew the rules, and I followed every one of them. “But he did initiate it…this package is from Sir, isn’t it? You can’t tell me it’s not.” When Stewart didn’t deny it, hope made me bold. “You know who he is. You can arrange it.”

The card glowed with reflected Christmas lights in my lap. Creamy paper bordered with gold, bearing a precisely worded request. Everything about Sir’s message was cultivated, respectful, including his gift. A cashmere scarf was personal but not even remotely intimate.

Jase had made himself scarce and was in the kitchen making chocolate or waffles or something. Dishes clinked and cabinet doors closed. That left just Stewart and me in the festive glow of the Christmas tree. I kept reminding myself I’d agreed to submit to Stewart and allow him to make these kinds of lifestyle decisions for me.

 “Yes, I can arrange a meeting. But can isn’t the same as should.” Seated in his winged back chair, the man I’d chosen as my dom had the gravitas of a judge. In reality he owned a business that manufactured prosthetic limbs.

“But you didn’t object to my engaging in a scene with him last night.”

“Because it was the holiday party. You put yourself up as a gift and the dom was to be your Secret Santa. It was for a good cause and… we all know each other.” Stewart managed a wry frown. “You signed a contract for the event. So did he. He followed the rules. He placed the winning bid.”

My breathing quickened. Something about Stewart’s reaction was off, way off. Hell, everything about this conversation shouted I was still in the dark. About what? In the year I’d been with him, Stewart had always explained things to the last detail.

“So he placed the winning bid… but—?”

“That should have been the end of it. Everyone has a good time and goes home. I thought”—Stewart heaved a sigh, tipped his head back for a moment, then leaned forward—“I hoped he would respect you enough to leave it at that.”

That’s when it hit me. There was only one reason for Stewart to act this way. “I know him too, don’t I?”

Stewart’s grim silence was the only answer I needed. My mind went off the rails. Sir’s voice hadn’t triggered any kind of instant recognition, but had I heard it before? A deep voice, baritone, the kind that belonged on the radio. Nothing else about him had registered at all, neither his touch nor his scent. The drops in my eyes had made sure work of my not seeing him clearly. But my final, almost clear glimpses of the loft had raised questions… something about the view. And none of what was happening right now made any sense.

“No, you can’t do this, Stewart! You can’t drop this pile of steaming shit in my lap on Christmas morning and not answer my questions. I have a right to know who the hell just screwed me!” I whipped the blue scarf off my neck and threw it onto the pile of ripped paper and discarded ribbons.

“No, you don’t. You gave up the right to know when you agreed to the auction and signed the contract. That’s how it should have been and how it should have stayed—except now he’s pushing for more, just like he’s been pushing for months.”


“He’s asked to have a scene with you before.”

And Stewart had told him no. Stewart told almost everyone no, because I wanted him to. I rocked back on my ass and took deep breaths, forcing calm through my body. Stewart was my rock, my anchor. My dom and friend. Actually, he came from a family that was good friends with my grandparents, but I only found out he was a dom after my own early forays into the lifestyle had left me screwed up and badly used. The only reason I hadn’t ended up flat broke as well was thanks to my grandfather’s foresight in placing my inheritance into a trust. Stewart had been a trustee, though he'd stepped down after agreeing to help me by taking me on as a submissive in his household. I can’t mingle control over you with control over your money, he’d said. Which was exactly what my string of user jerk ‘masters’ had tried to do.

Stewart had created a safe place for me, a good place, a place of submission and acceptance. I owed it to him to listen now. I scooted across the floor so I could sit by his chair, the way Jase had done. My cheek rested on Stewart’s knee, warmed by the soft flannel of his pajamas. He cupped my head with his hand, a touch I craved.

“Who is he?” I asked.

Copyright © 2014 Tali Spencer

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