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Wednesday Briefs: Sealed in Stone #24

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I’m continuing the story of Willem and Torrey, whose love for each other makes for an uneasy fit in an alien society. This week’s prompts were: “The whole thing was swept under the carpet” or have one character give another character the ‘hairy eyeball’ or use: display, note, local;or “nothing to write home about” or use: first, morning, score; or “It’s cold, but it’s a dry cold!” or use a football term in the story, or “He had all the manners of a surly bear” or use a hotel in your story, or “peace be with you.” I used a photo prompt this week.



Sealed in Stone #24

“Your mother was right.” Willem’s voice matched the wonder in his eyes as he looked around the first chamber of Torrey’s apartment. “She told me I could never imagine the luxury in which you lived. I thought she was saying I lacked imagination. But this is… amazing.”

“Queens like show,” Torrey explained. “Displays of wealth and possessions are a form of dominance.”

He led the way into his bedchamber, which only furthered the point. Globes and veins of amber decorated the burled wood of his bedposts. Intricately embroidered coverlets draped the bed and cottonsilk carpets from distant Ybor covered the floor. Stone pillars carved with obsidian vines and alabaster flowers braced the walls and ceiling. Even the scenes painted overhead on the vaulted ceiling were famous, known outside the nom mainly from poor reproductions in dusty kumbh books.

Willem managed a crooked grin as he eyeballed the ceiling. “Guess the lad who painted that had a liking for boys.” In at least half the scenes young men grappled playfully in pools or reclined in ardent embrace on silken cushions. The other scenes were of male bodies in erotic poses, lustfully touching themselves.

“Hard to say. Cyrrhi told me the original work showed men kissing and servicing Vesatti, one of Pesht’s most famous queens. It was supposedly magnificent. But when Vesatti was overthrown, her successor would not abide having Vesatti’s image in her favorite’s chamber. The artist appealed to her—Keven Jor of the Kumbh’Daruim, that’s who he was—the greatest artist Pesht ever knew—and she honored him, and his art, by allowing him to paint his Queen out of existence. In Vesatti’s place, he painted new panels with the likeness of the new queen’s lover.”

“Her Chosen?”

“Probably. No one’s really sure. It was a long time ago. But Keven was Vesatti’s Chosen, the consort of a great queen, and his work has never been surpassed.”
“Well, you’re not likely to do it. I saw those drawings you made of me.”

Torrey laughed. He was a terrible artist. He’d tried to draw Willem a few times during the years of their acquaintance and had hidden them away in a drawer. It embarrassed him a little that Willem had seen those misshapen sketches. They looked nothing like the Willem who stood in front of him now, brushing the hair back from his eyes and smiling down with the most adorable quirk on his lips. That touch, the sight of him, stole away Torrey’s breath.

“You know, being with you like this—” Torrey couldn’t even finish the thought before Willem’s mouth descended to his, hot and seeking.

Their mouths fit together perfectly. Always had, and Torrey knew they always would, because every part of their bodies and laughter and lives fit together the same way, as if they were two parts of a seamless whole. Even when apart, they found ways to be together, and now—

Willem twisted and yanked at his clothing, quickly ridding himself of the fancy gold-stitched tunic and tight wormskin leggings. Torrey slithered his looser robe up over his hips and pulled it over his head in folds of velvet. Now Willem looked more like Torrey remembered, reddish brown hair tousled, his sturdy stonecrafter body all muscle and sleek skin, his chest lightly dusted with hair trailing down to…

“Jeezers, I can’t even imagine you soft,” Torrey breathed. He drank in the sight. Willem had the most gorgeous cock, thick and demanding, rising from a nest of dark curls. Not that his own cock wasn’t hard, knocking against Willem’s when the latter moved even closer, thighs parting Torrey’s legs even more. They grabbed their cocks together, filling both their hands and staring into each other’s eyes.

“Don’t have to imagine now, do we?”

Willem bent near again and Torrey drank of another kiss. Together their hands moved over their cocks. They kept it slow, knowing if they didn’t their need would become too urgent. Being together was too important, their need for each other too great to squander this chance to taste all the tongue-sweet kisses they’d missed, run their hands over each other in heated rediscovery.

When Torrey let his head fall back and Willem dipped to suck at the hollow of his neck, he knew he’d become a helpless thing. He wanted this too much… wanted Willem too much. There were things he needed to say, warnings… something crafty and necessary… and he no longer knew what because all that was needful was being commanded by his cock, centered on Willem’s thickness and heat under his hand, Willem’s large hand covering his, closing both their fingers around the barrels of their cocks as Willem’s hips began to move.

It didn’t take long. Just feeling Willem’s cock sliding so hard and hot against his sent Torrey over the edge. His balls felt so high and tight, he let go of his cock and looped his arms desperately around Willem’s neck, lifting his torso so he could bury his face against Willem’s chest as he groaned his release. His jetting cum covered Willem’s cock—or maybe it was both of them, he couldn’t tell—and filled Willem’s encircling fist. He did feel Willem’s groin slam hard against his and he rocked against his friend’s shuddering body.

“Hells, Tor… just, aw hells.” Willem crawled onto the bed and propped himself beside Torrey, who fell back onto the covers. “I couldn’t hold off long enough.”

“I needed you too much.”

“Yeah. Me too.”

Torrey smiled. He watched Willem lift his hand, then impishly pop a cum-covered finger into his mouth. “Tasty?”


When Willem lay down and pulled him into the crook of his shoulder, Torrey didn’t resist. He loved how Willem held him near, like someone he didn’t ever want to let go. Torrey didn’t want to let go either.

“Willem?” he murmured. There was no point in putting it off.

Willem nuzzled his hair, his way of saying to continue.

“There’s something you should know.”


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  1. There's something you should know - is never a good thing to hear. Wonder what's up?