Monday, December 9, 2013

Thieves Snatches a Rainbow!

Remember Thick as Thieves, the fantasy romp I started writing here on the blog as a Wednesday Briefs story? Well, I just learned over the weekend (indeed, while I was at the Walnut Street Theater watching the Broadway production of “Elf”) that Thieves was one of the runner-up winners of the Rainbow awards! Notice the shiny badge they sent me!

Photo credit: Mark Gavin
The competition was fierce. Check it out to see how many wonderful books are listed. Needless to say, I’m happy as an elf.

Interested in buying a copy of Thieves? It and all the other Dreamspinner winners are 30% off right now (ebooks only) through December 15th. The list is alphabetical, so just scroll down for Thieves, or CLICK HERE. And if you haven’t read the Gay Fantasy winner, Brute, do! I love that book to pieces.

Oh, and a heads up... I will be holding a Holiday Giveaway the week before Christmas. So if you want a signed paperback of Thick as Thieves, stop by then because I’m giving away a few of those.

Right now I’m looking out at a winter wonderland, so… Happy Holiday! 


  1. What a wonderful post. Both our Maltese are from rescue and have some problems that can entail. Our boy has separation anxiety and our girl can't stand anything moving over her head (considering she weighs 8 pounds & is maybe a foot tall that leads to all kinds of interesting responses). But we would never give up coming home to their smiles and tail wagging (even if Beau is challenged I that area, Bella makes up for it)!

  2. Okay, not sure what happened!? I thought I was posting this on the post about your pup? Nothing better than blogs from my phone some days. smh At any rate that was where this was supposed to post because here its so crazy random I can't imagine what you or anyone that visits would be thinking. LOL

    1. I can't do anything from my phone and I sort of figured you'd meant this for the previous post. :D And thanks for sharing about Beau and Bella. Rescue dogs are truly special and often a little neurotic (the separation anxiety you mention... oh yes!) but they have so much love when they are in a good home. And dogs do smile. They really do!

    2. They do! And nothing makes my day better than coming home to that.