Monday, November 25, 2013

Petal Needs a Home: Thanksgiving Giveaway

This week brings one of the best of all holidays: Thanksgiving. Among the many things I’m thankful for is that I get to do what I love. I love to write. That’s why I’m incredibly thankful for those readers who enjoy my work. You make it possible, so I try to give back whenever I can and hold giveaways I hope you’ll enjoy.

For this Thanksgiving, I’m giving away a Petal shoulder basilisk.

I’m such a scifi fantasy geek that when Thick as Thieves was published I decided I had to have a shoulder dragon/basilisk made. So I ran out and commissioned Petal, the baby basilisk in Thick as Thieves. When I found the right dragon maker for the job, these guys, I ordered two custom dragons.

One of my pretties found a home at GRL last month. (Hi, Jennifer!)

Now it’s time to find a home for the other. The giveaway starts today and ends at 11:59 pm ET on Sunday, December 1st.

This lovely (and fierce!) little basilisk is 16 inches from snout to tip of tail. She has an articulated skeleton so you can pose her any way you like. There’s a little loop on her underside so you can pin her to your shoulder or your backpack. Or you can just sit her on your desk to deter meanies.

Entering the drawing is easy. Just do two simple things:

  1. Leave a comment. Tell Petal why she should move in with you.
  2. Provide an email address so I can contact you if you win to make shipping arrangements. (Some people have trouble posting comments, so if you want enter by sending me an email, that’s fine, too, but I will add a comment in your name so if you win no one will wonder where you came from.)

On the morning of Monday, December 2nd, as soon as I wake up, my lovely poodle Cate will help me conduct a random drawing and I will post the winner.

This giveaway is open to everyone and I happily ship internationally.

Thank you all for being the best readers ever! 


  1. Petal is beautiful. She would love a home here with other animals to keep her company. She would be loved and adored.
    debby236@gmail dot com

  2. Petal should live with me because she will be one of a kind and get loads full of attention. And when she wants to nap somewhere it will be done in peace.

  3. What a great dragon. Such a pretty girl. Petal would love it here, lots of people to give her all the love and attention she deserves. ( and maybe she could scare away the kids homework! )


  4. She is absolutely stunning! Of course she would find a very loving home with me and a have a very special place in my office, where I write, sew, paint, and even meditate (it's the only room in the house that passes for "quiet *G*). I'm sure she'd feel right at home with the other beautiful treasures that live in my office, too.

  5. While it's true that Petal would get lots of love and care in my home she would also be able to visit with you if you wanted since I live in your general area. ;)
    I loved seeing Petal at GRL and actually got to help Jenn get her attached to her shoulder, she was truly unique!

  6. Petal would be quite comfortable with me as I am not one of those bony skinny girls with no padding. I think we could have lots of fun playing with all my shiny things.

  7. Aww, what a cutie! She would lve to be here. I have lots of friends for her to play with. I am also a housewife so i would have lots of time to spend with her finding and playing with shiny things:)


  8. Petal is so cute! She'd have a loving home here and I'd love to take her to work with me. I'm sure the kids would be thrilled and Petal would get lots and lots of attention and cuddles. :)

    christi_kat25 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  9. OMG, Tali! That's awesome, lol. You're so creative! Okay so...

    My Dearest Petal,

    Alas, my lap is claimed by two furry, curled up meow machines. But my shoulders... they are so bare! I could use another furry friend to curl up with on cold days, to talk at for plotting when I need non-judgmental ears when I work through my twisted ideas. A basilisk would provide insight like no other! We don't have many crickets, but we have grasshoppers our the wazoo. Just... no nipping fingers; I need those for typing. Please say you'll come live with me, please!

    ~ Cia

    I can be reached for basilisk transfer, in the most careful of exchanges, at anordwell (at)


  10. Petal should come home with me to make sure I am on task with my school assignments. :)

    Happy holidays Tali!


  11. Petal should come live with me because I will not only treat her nice, she'll have her very own fur brother (who she is not allowed to eat) , my Maltese/Shih Tzu mix. Together they can kick asses and take names, go on adventures of the wonderful world that is called my home and eat whatever they want. And luckily I own two shoulders because my doggie likes to use it as his perch, so I'm well trained in shoulder usage for Petal.

    Between me and my pooch, we'll provide plenty of love, hugs, licks and laughs.

    Email is

  12. Hello there sweet little Petal!

    I hope that Petal will agree to join our family ! I have a very special delivery this upcoming December month. Petal will have an older brother named Lacborest who happens to also be a drake! He is mischievous but loving drake. He is loyal and true. As an older drake, he is quite responsible and will protect Petal at all costs. If Petal so wishes, I hope that she will agree to a lifetime full of adventures with her older brother.

    My email is

    p.s. she is very cute and got a lovely pattern. Early congrats to whoever wins her!

  13. Everyone has such wonderful reasons for Petal to live with them! You all have such lovely arrangements I couldn't choose, and Cate was ready to move in with all of you (the poodle loves adventure) so I used the ever reliable to draw a number and... the winner is Chris T. Kat! I'll make an announcement and sending Petal to her new friend. I have also decided I'll hold another drawing after the next book is published, for a Petal with wings (yes, she grows a pair). :D Thanks to everyone for taking part in my little giveaway!