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Wednesday Briefs: Sealed in Stone #15

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I’m continuing the story of Willem and Torrey, who are struggling to keep their love on an alien world. This week the prompts were: “You know what I want” or use the game Solitaire or use a puzzle in some way or “Tastes soooo good” or use a source of light in some way or have someone in your story use an evil laugh or “Hey, Mister (Miss) can you spare...” or have one of your characters go to a thrift shop.



Sealed in Stone #15

Cyrrhi undid the towel Torrey had tucked around his waist and pulled it open, exposing him. He closed his eyes, glad he had stopped watching the two men in their sexual play and that his arousal had eased. Cyrrhi’s touch on his genitals was neither cruel nor demanding, simply an acknowledgment of his maleness and lack of interest.

“I do not expect you to live without pleasure, Chosen,” she said. Her other hand cupped his cheek and she leaned in so her lips brushed his. He opened his eyes then, partly in surprise. She had not kissed him since the day of their binding and he found her lips still as alien and cold. Only her scent had the power to seduce him, a musk that even now, between her phases, generated a faintly thrilling degree of tumescence. But his cock was not stiff enough to merit being called an erection.

“I find great pleasure in my life with you.” Torrey understood how well she could read him sexually. That he did not get hard at her touch told Cyrrhi more than any report from Sovesa or taunt from Hari. His body could be made to want hers, but his soul and spirit resisted.

“That is not the kind of pleasure I mean.”

He could not think of anything to say. With gentle pressure, she turned his head so he looked at the pool once more, at Hari and Nak undulating in the water, their slippery bodies generating waves like spawning river pups. Hari’s round, perfect ass broke the water with every thrust that lifted his white back and shoulders and drove him between Nak’s spread tanned thighs. Torrey drew a taut breath as his cock hardened within Cyrrhi’s fingers and she stroked him to encourage that response.

“See how beautiful they are… I get excited, too. I choose only the prettiest for my chamber and I allow them to play however they wish, because their pleasure in each other pleases me.”

“You wish me to watch?”

“I wish you to do whatever pleases you. You know what I will not allow.”
It was nomari law that no cock that had penetrated an anus could be placed within a nomari chinti, their word for vagina. Surely it happened on occasion when humans lied. But for a human male to go from fucking an ass to fucking a queen was the worst of insults.

Torrey attempted a smile. His hardness was subject to distraction and was starting to soften. “I aspire only to please you. I will not lie to you and say I don’t wish to feel pleasure, it’s just… not possible for me to find the pleasure I seek with your slaves. My place as your Chosen sets me apart from them and though I am yours, they do not aspire to serve me as they do you.”

“As you so aspire?”

“Yes, my Queen. Whatever you desire of me, you can command and I will seek to please you.”

Her thin, aging flesh crinkled at the edges of her lips as they curved with a question. “Let us see.” She lifted her head. “Hari… Nak… cease what you are doing. Join us”—she signaled to a brace of workers to lay a mat upon the floor at the foot of the platform she and Torrey shared—“sit there, on the floor. Hari”—golden hair curling at the nape of his neck, the young man looked up at her with blue, eager eyes—“my Chosen wishes to please me, and what would please me best is to see him given pleasure.”

Torrey watched Hari’s face, the myriad tiny muscles betraying subtle clues, followed by the brief flicker of resentment. The order to pleasure not just another man, but a rival, grated. When Hari’s eyes locked on his, Torrey felt a jolt of realization. Hari had wanted to be Cyrrhi’s Chosen.

“Stroke him, use your mouth,” said Cyrrhi. Her throaty voice turned each word into a command. “You know what I want.”

Nak curled against the platform and rested his head against Cyrrhi’s legs, smiling up with happiness as her fingers combed his hair. Hari moved into place in front of Torrey, who parted his knees as Hari knelt between them. Torrey wanted to tell the other youth he had not asked for this, that he didn’t even want this… but there was no way he could say that, and no way for either of them not to honor their Queen’s wishes.

Torrey stiffened when Hari wrapped strong fingers around his half-hard cock. Jeezers, no… he didn’t want this. He stiffened and closed his eyes, but that only amplified every sensation, so he opened them again and sought some other way to ignore the delicious slide of a firm hand stroking his shaft. Despite himself he looked down to see the flick of a thumb over the sensitive, rosy glans peeking out through the top of Hari’s fist. His foreskin had been removed in infancy, a kumbh ritual to appease the nomari, who preferred their men so.

Long eyelashes feathered Hari’s high cheekbones as he bent forward and a fall of golden hair spilled across Torrey’s thighs, tickling and heightening his excitement. Oh Mother of All Moons! Willem’s hair felt just like this… it should be Willem, but this was not Willem’s hand. He’d never been touched by any other, only the one who’d won his heart, his body… his soul. The sound that escaped his throat as Hari’s wet tongue passed in a long slow lick over his cockhead was more whimper than moan.

Hari pulled back with a husky chuckle. “Like that, Chosen? It tastes soooo good.”

“Cease,” Cyrrhi said. Torrey swung to her, his heart dropping. But she smoothed the hair back from his eyes. “I have a better idea.”


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  1. A better idea???? Curious to know what that is going to be.

  2. Aaand just like that, I am all caught up and left hanging! Arrrgh!!
    Poor Torrey... being touched by someone who was doing his best to make him fail in his duties to the Queen. :(
    I hope Willem comes back into the picture soon!