Friday, October 11, 2013

Bringing Goodies

I haven’t talked much about the fact I’ll be attending GayRomLit 2013, which is being held in Atlanta next week, October 17-20. Things have been up in the air but it looks like I’m going!

GRL is a retreat and gathering for readers who love M/M Romance. A number of authors are also attending, so should you happen to be in the area of Atlanta’s Melia hotel on Thursday morning, October 17th, stop by my book signing. I’m friendly and will have goodies!

Some of my goodies will be in the Swag Room where authors and publishers put out free stuff for visitors to take. It's a good place to snag bookmarks, but authors put out all kinds of crazy swag, things like buttons, magnets, pens, and... crocheted cocks. Like I said.

Not all of my swag will be in the Swag Room, but here's what I’m bringing:

~ A special edition 8 page comic illustrating a graphic but exciting action scene from Thick as Thieves, available free while supplies last. I’m only printing a few, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

In fact, this is the one item I’m not 100% certain will be ready on time, but I’m working on it!

~ A special edition autographed postcard, included with all paperback copies of Thick as Thieves bought at the con.

I will also have some of these to hand out at my signing and whenever someone looks friendly while I’m out walking around. 

~ Unicorn Horn mini soaps. Fun and useful! Alas, no magic, just cleansing power. And sparkles. 

~ Magnets. Because, you know, you always wanted a dragon’s eye on your fridge.

~ Petal the Basilisk mug (only one) to be raffled. I’m not quite sure yet exactly HOW I’m going to conduct the raffle., but it will probably be at my signing.

Maybe I’ll have people write down a character name to be used in the next book?

Raffle suggestions welcome!

~ Shoulder Basilisk (just one).

For better or worse, I have a weakness for critters. I ordered two of these. Each is 13" long and completely poseable, not to mention fierce looking. The perfect size to wear on your shoulder (it has a little loop underneath so it can be pinned)... or on a hat, or peeking out of a shoulder bag or backpack.

I’m giving one away at my signing and will give the other away at a later date here on my blog. Unless I fall in love with it first.

~ Bookmarks, postcards, and sundry paper stuff.

And last, but not least... the wonderful Cate Ashwood has put together a souvenir book of excerpts and short fiction from GRL’s Supporting Authors (which is what I signed on as). This is a great compilation of fiction from some of the best new authors in the field. Yes, I will say that… some of the very best new authors of M/M romance. And it's FREE. If you don’t pick it up at my signing, pick it up somewhere.

See you at GRL!

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  1. I love your goodies. Whoever will win the shoulder basilisk or mug will love you forever. :) Wish I could be there but I'll just rely on you telling me all the important things.