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Wednesday Briefs: Sealed in Stone #13

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I’m continuing the story of Willem and Torrey, who are struggling to keep their love on an alien world. This week the prompts were: “He’s mine to do with as I please” or “welcome to the grand illusion” or use: cabbage, rose, napkin or have a character that is being followed or “She's a slut with a capital S!” or use a hopscotch game in your story or “tiptoe through the tulips” or “Who are you?”



Sealed in Stone #13

Cyrrhi delivered her brood on a day chill with portents of winter. She retreated to Pesht’s hidden core, secret to all but the Queen and Her Keepers, and did not emerge again for many hours, after which she wanted only to sleep. Humans of any kind were far from her concern.

Cold rain kept Torrey from the garden, but couldn’t keep his body from being restless. He decided to swim in the pleasure pool one of Cyrrhi’s ancestresses had built. Human art and nomari architecture had blended in the construction to create a grotto of water and light. Colonies of glowworms clung to the walls to give diffuse light to the chamber and reflect from the aquamarine water of a pool carved from gray volcanic rock. A pillowed platform for lounging occupied a viewing area. Torrey stripped from his robe and walked naked down the broad steps as water warmed by one of Pesht’s many hot springs lapped at his legs. He smiled, and then dove in.

He swam until his legs and arms tired, then hooked his elbows over the polished lip at the pool’s far end where glowworms dangled from the ceiling in light-filled ribbons. Was their light green or was it blue? What did they eat? Much about the nomari way of life eluded him.

Sound from the other end of the chamber alerted him that his privacy was about to end. Damn! It seemed any time Torrey left his room, Hari was certain to show up. The only times he didn’t do so were when Torrey was with Cyrrhi.

“Like it?” Hari shed his robe, displaying a perfect, toned body. His smooth skin practically gleamed in the limpid wormglow. Torrey couldn’t keep his gaze from running down Hari’s body, appreciating his flat belly and hard-muscled legs before fixing on that gorgeous, erect cock. “The pool, Chosen.”

Torrey jerked his gaze up to see Hari’s grin. “I was liking it.” Heat rose in his cheeks and he was glad the other man was probably not close enough to notice. He prayed Hari wouldn’t join him in the water—but of course he did. A pale flash of movement and loud splash was followed in just heartbeats by Hari’s head popping to the surface.

“Queen in Eshuun has one even bigger than this, for her men.” Hari shook his head and drops of water flew around him like midges. “Queens are competitive, you see.”

“I know that.”

“Pools, men… doesn’t matter, they want the best. They want what the other queen has. But they don’t want it second hand. They don’t want what some other queen’s used, so they only fuck men for pleasure, or to ruin them for other queens.”

“Is that what happened with you?”

“Maybe. Maybe it’s what’s happening with you.”

That answer made no sense. Torrey had never been intended for another. Shooting Hari a look of disgust, he pushed away from the wall and swam back to the steps. He was surprised, when he reached the other side, to find Hari there ahead of him. The other man’s grin was infuriating.

“You’ll get tired of avoiding me, one of these days.”

“Maybe you’ll get the message, one of these days.”

“You mean the one about you not liking me? Or the one that you think you’re better than me, because the cunt you came from lives in some dung hole the nomari could swarm at any minute?” Hari’s face hardened, wormglow glimmering in his narrowed eyes. “You don’t control your own life, much less mine. Who knows? Maybe I control yours.”

The threat sliced into Torrey like a blade and fear trickled from the wound. “Only Cyrrhi controls my life now.”

Lips as perfect and beckoning as those of a lover curled into a smile. “Are you sure?”

Before Torrey grasped what Hari was doing, the other man had wrapped him up and they fell together into the water. Onto the steps. The water’s buoyancy broke the fall so only Torrey’s ass hit the steps as he grappled with the larger body holding him. He managed to keep his head above water but Hari’s legs tangled with his, limiting his ability to move or fight back. Then Hari’s fingers wove into the hair at the back of Torrey’s head and held him fast. This time the kiss was cruel, demanding, and the press of Hari’s erection against Torrey’s belly made him want to scream.

And then he was free. His body sank into the water and he propelled himself out of it, onto his hands and knees on the steps. Becoming aware of movement, that others had come into the pool chamber, he looked up. Cyrrhi stood at edge, looking down at him. A retinue of nomari subservients and human boys fanned out behind her.

“Your kind enjoy play,” she noted.

“My Queen—” He wanted to tell her everything. That this was anything but play. But one of the human boys caught his eye and he saw how the youth held a finger to his lips, bidding silence. A warning?

“Come out of the pool. Join me. I will show you what play I enjoy.”

Torrey rose to his feet. Water ran down his skin as a pair of workers, barely larger than human children, rushed forward to dry him with lengths of cloth. When Hari moved to follow, Cyrrhi raised a hand.

“No, my beauty. I have not seen you look so filled with desire for many moons. I am inspired to watch you be pleasured. Nak”—she gestured to one of the pretty youths, but not the one who had signaled Torrey—“enter the water with Hari and do as I bid.”

She led Torrey, now wrapped in cotton cloth, to the pillow-covered platform. “Sit with me and watch, and learn. Isn’t my slave beautiful? He exists only to give pleasure, and he’s mine to do with as I please…”


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  1. Well, wasn't this one full of teasers? I'm so intrigued now. As for Hari, I don't know whether to hate him or feel sorry for him. The latter is winning over at the moment. I have a feeling his life is not all sunshine and flowers. We'll see.

  2. I still don't like Hari even if I feel a little bit sorry for him... I have the feeling trouble is brewing...