Sunday, August 11, 2013

#SexySnippets - Thick as Thieves

For your amusement and, possibly, titillation: Seven sexy sentences from Thick as Thieves. Enjoy!

Among my people, you’d be one of the men who keep men like me happy,” Vorgell boasted.

Madd knew well enough what that meant. He’d been keeping the baron happy for months. Unfortunately, his attempt at reversing the screwing, so to speak, had not quite worked out as planned. Sure, he’d ended up in a cell and plotted a clever escape, but all that had gotten him was the company of a sex-crazed barbarian and the man’s impossibly large and erect cock, which Vorgell had freed of its tattered coverings and was displaying to him in all its glory. His tongue went silent as he stared. That cock might be a monster, but it was also magnificent… rosy, long, and thick, with a luscious, big head poking free of the foreskin and glistening like the jewel on a scepter. 


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