Monday, July 8, 2013

Thick as Thieves Release Day Winners!

Today is release day for Thick as Thieves. Although the weekend just past was a holiday and a lot of folks were out having fun... including me, because I wasn't really around to publicize my event very much... I held a giveaway. And enough people showed up for me to announce THREE winners!

Without further ado, the poodle thumps her tail and even gives a yip for the winners of copies of Thick as Thieves:

1. Anon #1 (vitajex)
2. Aimee (aka Anon #3)
3. Susan

I have sent emails to the winners and will arrange to get their books to them. I really hope they enjoy them.

Big thanks also to everyone who entered. The book has been released now and is getting some great reviews! 

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