Friday, July 26, 2013

Out and About

Just thought I'd put up a list of the guest blog posts I did for my Thick as Thieves promo tour. I like to write unique posts for each blog I visit, and because Thick as Thieves was such a fun book to write, many of these posts are pretty good fun themselves. :)

“My Blurb Has Balls is where I tell the story of how I came up with a blurb about a barbarian sticking a unicorn horn up his ass.

~ No Fun At All, wherein I reveal that my family thinks I'm a dud.

~ Buddy Novels talks about how Thick as Thieves fits in the long tradition of novels, movies, and TV shows about male friendship. What do Vorgell and Madd have in common with Finch and Reese from Person of Interest?

~ Why I Love a Brawny Barbarian  because I really do! See picture below.

~ In Sex, Magic, and Playing by the Rules, I talk about how I built the magic system for Thick as Thieves and why rules are an important component of fantasy.

~ Barbarians and Basilisks talks about basilisks and how Petal was really a fortuitous afterthought. Includes cute excerpt of Petal's hatching.

~ Ten Nifty Uses for a Unicorn Horn  well, that one kind of explains itself! :) I have fun with unicorn horns.

~ In A Visual Writer I give a tip for using visual metaphor in character description.

~ Playing With Size is a fun post about how I drew on romance and fantasy stereotypes to have fun creating Vorgell and Madd. And the post includes an inspirational picture that's dead on for size comparison. Yep, that's what I'm talking about. :D

~ I wrote about Old School Gay Fantasy and Science Fiction--Really and name five books that were my earliest inspirations and put me on the road to being a writer. No surprise, they included gay characters! The book that didn't make the list: Lord of the Rings.

~ Swords and Sorcery has me talking about one of my favorite fantasy genres, not only what it is but also why I so love it. See picture above.

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