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The Pride of Uttor

Today’s backlist spotlight is on my Uttor series of novels. To see this blog’s list of prizes and the other blogs in the Backlist Blog Hop just follow this link. I will draw winners from comments on that post, this post, and tomorrow's Backlist Blog Hop post. Great odds!

I call the series the Pride of Uttor for three reasons. The imperial Leonnte family claims descent from the goddess Chasca, called the Lioness because she’s reputed to take that form. The emperor is often called the Lion of Uttor. A family of lions is called a pride and the novels draw on the adventures and romances of two proud families who collide through prophecy and war.

The first book of the series, the M/F romance Captive Heart, has a conqueror and captive princess vibe and is unrepentantly a throwback to old-fashioned romances, but with more graphic sex. What’s a innocent young girl to do when she discovers her family would rather kill her than know she's been bedded by the man who now owns her country? 

It’s not necessary to read the first book to understand what’s going on in the second, Dangerous Beauty, a M/M novel about one of the captive brothers of the heroine in the first novel. Scholarly and good looking, he's afraid he might be gay. To make matters worse, his father is a homophobic loop job who's already tried to kill his sister… and who’s now asking him to pretend to be gay to put an escape plan in place.

So how about a pair of spicy excerpts? One each from the two Uttor Books.

From Captive Heart:

Gaspar’s fingers were playing her skin like an instrument. They dropped to the fabric of her dress, where he began undoing the buttons. “Tell me more.”

“I—there’s not much to say. Please,” she said, flushing as her breasts began to ache with an expectation that dismayed her, “are you going to make me spend the night?”

“Need I make you?”

What did he want her to say? That she wanted to be with him, that every moment spent in his company was precious and rare and made her forget who she was? The Prophets surely were denouncing her immorality already. Her skin leaped toward his every touch.

“I don’t think you’re going to give me a choice.”

“What if I do? Give you that choice…would you leave? Or stay?” He undid the last button on her overdress.

“I would leave, and I would hate myself for leaving. I would wish I could stay with you forever. And I would pray to my Prophet for forgiveness.”

It crushed her heart to see the smile in his expression fade. His sigh nearly undid her.

“But you would leave. I wanted a different answer.”

“And I want to give you a different answer,” she whispered. “But I can’t. It would be wrong for me to say I want to stay.”

She thought she might drown in the moss and forest depths of his eyes as they delved into hers. There was so much she wished she could say, and questions she wanted to ask. Gaspar was not acting like a man intent only on satisfying his lust. But she could not trust herself around him, not even a little.

He studied her for a long moment then curled his fingers under her chin to raise her face to his. “Tell me again how much you want to leave,” he said, “this time without words.”

She opened her lips to him even before his touched hers. As their mouths warred, his evening beard rasped her skin and a small, yearning mew escaped from her throat. He pursued that sound, his tongue pushing into her surrender, teasing her hunger for more of his honeyed kisses. The man barely knew her at all, and already knew her too well.

“Now you tell the truth,” he said, his deep voice rumbling with triumph.

From Dangerous Beauty:

Arshad continued to clutch Endre’s body firmly to his as he roamed his hand across the young man’s chest, rubbing the broad expanse of those muscles and allowing his fingers from time to time to pluck at the hard peaks of his nipples. His cock throbbed stiff and thick between the smooth cheeks of Endre’s buttocks. He nuzzled and nibbled the young man’s ear and silken golden hair, the smell of which was driving him wild.

“Do you know what torture it is, having you so near? Knowing that you’re giving me this beautiful body? Knowing I have to withhold mine because you are so new?”

“I want your body, Arshad, I do. I want your cock—”

“This?” He rolled his pelvis against Endre’s ass, the thick barrel pressing deeper into the crack between his buttocks.

“Yes! Oh…god!”

Arshad knew he was envisioning being fucked in the ass. Of all the acts they might engage, that one was most misunderstood—and abhorred—by the followers of Koth’s Prophets, yet it also called to them most powerfully. Few acts were as inherently submissive. He would love nothing more than to fulfill that fantasy. Even so, Arshad’s size, his lover’s virginity, and Endre’s deep conflicts made consummating that desire unlikely, at least on this occasion. But he was perfectly willing to torment him with that possibility.

“I told you I would use you. I’m using you now.”

Continuing to grind his cock against that gorgeous white ass, he took both nipples between his finger and thumb pads and began to milk them. With a cry, Endre arched his back but only encountered the broad shield of Arshad’s chest holding him captive and the other man’s arms clamping his ribs like iron. Seized by pleasure, the youth shuddered, his arms tensing as his hands splayed violently against the wall.

“Do you know what I’m learning? I’m learning that your body is not just beautiful, but generous. Every part of you is rich and lush and eager to be fucked.”

“Arshad, please, I can’t—”

“You can. You will. This is what you came for.” Secure in that knowledge, he dropped his right hand to wrap his fingers around the thick stem of the young man’s erection.

Endre wanted to be taken, and that was exactly what Arshad intended to do.


What do you look for in a series? Two more books in the Uttor series, Adored and Victory Portrait, will be coming later this year.

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  1. Ah Tali,

    One of my favorite author people - I think I'll coin that phrase :)

    Captive Heart is the only non-M/M book I've read this year - so you are in a category all your own in more ways than one. I'm going to bump Dangerous Beauty to the top of my to read list - if I keep waiting for 'time to read' I'll never have it.

    Best of luck with the tour and yes, I know you have a new book coming out soon - so yea!

  2. I have to admit I don't read MF anymore except in very rare circumstances and your series might be one of them! What I look for in a series is compelling world creation and characters I want to read about after one novel finishes (not always the case with series) or truly engaging new characters. Having an overaching theme is not necessary, but I enjoy the music theme in Shira Anthony's Blue Notes series.

  3. Great excerpts, Tali! I haven't read these, and I love how even during these hot scenes, we're learning about the characters and seeing the dynamics between them. That's something I really enjoy when I'm reading a book, to have what's happening on the page matter to the overall story of great (interesting, engaging) characters.

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