Saturday, May 25, 2013

Finishing Touches

I’m writing the last two chapters of Adored and at last I’m able to see it as a whole story. My next step will involve going back into the book and smoothing out the pacing, adding and cutting out scenes, and making sure the characters feel vivid, balanced and whole. 

It’s been an interesting journey for Adora and Vallmer. She knows very quickly that he could be the man in her life but it takes him a bit longer to figure it out. Among other obstacles, when the book begins Adora is nine months pregnant with another man’s child. Can’t blame a guy for having a little problem getting around that fact! It doesn’t help that she’s the pagan emperor’s sister and he’s seeking a biddable, virginal bride of his own religion.

It’s been fun writing a slow burn of a romance where the hero and heroine bond through a series of events and encounters neither controls. As they’re forced deeper and deeper into intimacy, they truly discover each other and I’ve enjoyed helping them realize they belong together. Sometimes a writer gets to feel as warm and fuzzy as a fairy godmother.

Another week, and I hope to send Adored to my editor. And I will be launching right away into finishing Victory Portrait within the next month or so. I’ve been having dreams about Darius and Peta, and that simply has to stop!


  1. I'm not usually big on het romance, but I love the premise and the idea of an unconventional (i.e. pregnant!) heroine. (And I love anything where culture and religion "clash" and people have to overcome their ideas of what they think they're looking for in a soul mate :)

    1. I'm hoping readers will enjoy it too, though it has less sex...well, later sex...than the other books. It was unexpectedly challenging writing about a man falling in love with a whole woman, not one who's three-quarters sex object. I had my own preconceptions to kick to the curb, especially about what readers would want or expect.