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Featured Author: Double Dose of Sean Michael

Sean Michael is one of those authors whose dialogue just leaps off the page. Moreover, he has a deliciously kinky imagination! After you enjoy the TWO tasty excerpts he's provided for today, pop on over to his blog where you can find more of his work.


Thank you, Tali for letting me guest post on your blog today!

I have two brand new short stories I'd like to talk about today. One is set in the Hammer Club world and the other is a stand alone contemporary. So, the amusing thing is, you'd expect the Hammer Club story to be the kinky one, right? Except it's not, it's the contemporary stand alone that is. That's just how things work out sometimes.

The Favor (the Hammer Club story) turned out to be a sweet and sexy pairing of two Doms who are best friends. Erik's interested in knowing what it's like for his subs, so he wants to lose his virginity (oh, he's plenty experienced, he's just never been penetrated himself.) So he asks his best friend and mentor Lion, the man who has taught him everything he knows about BDSM and being a Dom, to find someone to help relieve him of his virginity. Lion won't hear of anyone else doing it and insists he's the only man he trusts for the job. Man, did I have fun writing these two best friends as they hang out together for the day, and then later as they get their loving on. I couldn't be happier with the results even if it is a Hammer Club story without whips and chains, oh my. Both men are members at the club, though, and that is where it starts. Jack and Oliver even get a mention! While this one is set in the Hammer Club world, it can be read as a stand alone.

Revving It Up (the kinky contemporary) on the other hand, turned out to be hot and sexy. It features a pair who are dating, sort of. They started out hot and heavy and kind of fizzled after that. They still see each other every few weeks, but if you were to ask either Bryan or Jon to be honest, they'd say that the relationship was on its way out. That is until Bryan has quite the day at work and shows up for a coffee date with Jon while wearing a plug up his... where one would have a plug. They leave behind cooling off and fizzling out at lightning speed and rocket right back to hot and heavy, with a side dish of very kinky! It was totally fun to write and not at all what I was expecting when Bryan and Jon showed up.

Erik wants to know what his subs feel, so he’s planning on losing his virginity. To that end, he enlists the help of his best friend and mentor, Lion. Things get intense when Lion insists the only man he trusts for the job is himself. How will this affect their friendship?

Excerpt (adult):

They relaxed together, side-by-side, idly listening to the post-game banter. At some point, Lion's hand slipped onto his thigh. His muscles tightened, rolled, like they were telling Lion hello. Humming, Lion rubbed slowly.

His legs parted, the barest bit, welcoming the touch. They'd played together, gotten each other off before. It was good between them, usually. Lion shifted closer, free hand touching his cheek, turning his face toward Lion's. He nodded, just as into this as his friend.

Lion's mouth covered his, tongue sliding, asking entrance. Erik opened, tongue caressing Lion's. Hey. A low humming filled his mouth, Lion pushing him against the back of the sofa. He pushed back, ending up straddling Lion's thighs.

"So cheeky," murmured Lion licking his lower lip.

"Uh-huh." He dove back in, eager.

Lion's tongue pushed into his mouth, sweeping through him. It was like a wrestling match, two gladiators crashing together. Holding his head in place, Lion took the kiss even deeper. Fuck, Lion's kisses were like drinking -- dizzying and sweet and edged with crazy.

Lion slipped one of his hands down Erik's back, sending tingling sensations along his spine. He pressed closer, rubbing idly over Lion's ripped belly. The hand on his back dipped lower, cupping his ass through his jeans, thumb rubbing along his crease.

"Gonna make it good for me?" Erik asked.

"Do you even need to ask, Ricky?"

He grinned, tugged Lion's bottom lip. "No. Not really." They were good together, they had fun. This was just another level.

"That's right, you don't need to ask." Lion squeezed his ass cheek. "Gonna make it good for you. Hopefully it won't spoil you for anyone else." Lion winked, eyes twinkling with humor.

"It's not like I'm going to suddenly turn into a size queen."

Lion burst out laughing.

Erik grinned, wiggled his ass. "Oh, baby. Give it to me, please."

They both cracked up.

"Dork," Lion accused once he'd caught his breath again.

"Uh-huh. That's not new."

"No, I guess it's not." Lion gave him a quick kiss. "I have supper being delivered for us from Chez Nous around six."

"Oh?" He loved that restaurant. Loved it.

"Yeah. You didn't think this was just going to be a wham, bam, thank you, Lion event, did you?"

Jon and Bryan have been dating for about six months. While things were hot and heavy in the beginning, they’ve since cooled down to a low simmer. Still, Bryan’s looking forward to seeing Jon again tonight after his shift at the bar. But a game of truth or dare has left him wearing a plug and it’s making him aware of every single step he’s taking.

Will Bryan be able to make it through his date with Jon without going crazy? Or will Jon find out why he’s got that extra wiggle in his walk tonight and do something about it?

Excerpt (Adult): 

Jon grinned, laughed and hurried along faster. It was starting to get crowded, but they wound through people like they were on a mission. “God, who knew you had it in you.” Jon made a face like he was replaying what he’d said and started laughing.

“What does that mean, exactly?”

“I meant I didn’t realize you were the type to be into plugs and stuff, but the way it came out made it sound like I was talking specifically about the plug you’ve currently got up your ass.”

“Are you?” he asked. “The type?” And why didn’t they know that about each other? Especially if it was this hot. It should have come up already, shouldn’t it?
“I’ll show you my collection when we get home and you tell me.”

“Collection?” Collection? What? Jon had… They’d been seeing each other for almost six months.

“Yeah. What?” Jon shrugged. “It’s not exactly something you whip out to the new boyfriend.”

“No. No, I guess not.” Byron liked the term boyfriend.

“But once he shows up for a date with a plug up his ass, well, then it’s time to show it off.”

“I just… It was a dare.”

Jon stopped at the doors to his apartment building, turned to look him right in the eye. “You’re not enjoying it?”

“I didn’t say that.” He felt slinky, sexy, and with the way Jon was looking at him, desirable, like whoa.

“Good. Then I’m glad you were dared.” They started moving again, Jon opening the door for him.

Jon headed for the stairs, then stopped and grinned evilly. “After you.”

“What? You’re on the sixth floor!”

“I am. And I’m going to watch you take every single step.” In fact, Jon looked like he was going to start drooling any second now.

“No way…” Oh, God. How hot.

“Yes, way. Come on.”

Bryan took a step, the plug shifting inside him.

“Mmm, yeah. Look at that.”

“Jon…” His arms were covered in goose pimples.

“Keep walking.”

Oh, fuck. He made one flight, almost moaning. Jon’s hand landed on his ass, slid across his right cheek.

His steps stumbled and his heart pounded. “Oh, God.”

“You seeing God now, Bry?”

“I…” He was achingly hard.

Jon patted his ass, hard, managing to jostle the plug. “Five more flights. Let’s go.”

“Jon! No touching!”

“I don’t remember agreeing to that.” Jon pushed his ass this time, encouraging him to keep moving up.

“You’ll make me. Be careful…”

“Make you what? Damn it, Bry, I want to hear everything—how every step makes you feel, every touch.”

They were moving again, so slowly, up the next flight of stairs.

He’d never heard that tone in Jon’s voice, never wanted to just fall to his knees and beg the man. This was like the dirtiest fantasy ever. “Jon…”

“You heard me.” Yeah, he also heard that rough note in Jon’s voice.

He moved faster, so fucking turned on. Jon followed him up, touching and encouraging and distracting the fuck out of him.

“You keep touching…”

“Uh-huh.” Jon swatted his ass.

He stumbled a little, that sting stealing his breath.

“Careful, Bryan. I don’t want you falling down before we get to my bedroom.”
He made it to the top of the fourth story, sweating with effort. Jon stepped up right behind him, cock hard as it pressed against his ass.

“One more flight left, Bry.”

He pushed back, a deep cry leaving him as they met, rubbed.

Jon licked at his neck. “You can do it.”

“I’m so hard.”

Jon’s hand slid around, rubbed his prick through his jeans. “Yeah, you are.”

“Oh, fuck. Jon, I haven’t… We haven’t been together in weeks.” He was aching for it.

“Then it’s about time, huh?”

“Yes.” He’d been worried, a little, that the spark was completely gone. Looked like it has just been muted, waiting for the right catalyst.

“Up, Bry.”

“I am. Totally.”


Thanks again to Tali for hosting me today. I hope everyone's having a good, smutty Monday!

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