Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Briefs: Useful Things #15

Welcome back to Wednesday Briefs, in which writers post a 1000 word flash story—or episode, in my case—based on the weekly prompts. I’ve opted to continue my science fiction M/M story, “Useful Things.” Last week, Rasvim opened up to Majak, but where will their growing rapport lead? For this chapter, I went with the prompt: include a red light.

If you want to read from the beginning [Chapter One], each chapter is linked to the one that follows.

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Useful Things #15

Rasvim fell silent. Talking with Majak like this felt strange. Unsettling yet somehow safe. He startled at that. He had not felt safe in so long it had taken him until now to recognize it. He looked up again when Majak dropped more words between them.

“Tell me why you think you are here, in this shelter, with me.”

Rasvim struggled to answer. Majak had said nothing of his reasons. Neither had he asked for a reason. He sought an opinion. At the moment, all Rasvim wanted to do was please him, without desperation.  

“You’re protecting me.”

“Yes, to protect you.” Majak looked satisfied. Still hunkered on the floor, he moved a hand to Rasvim’s knee. The gesture felt cautious, as though it asked permission, which was as bizarre as the conversation they were having. “My race has misused yours and continues to do so. I wish to expose their ignorance, as well as understand my own. But none will misuse you while you are with me.”

A faint whine vibrated the hut, followed by pulses of red light as a transport passed overhead on approach to the outpost landing slabs. Majak had activated the privacy matrix when they had first entered the hut, and claimed none could see into the tiny space. But they could clearly see out.

He searched Majak’s features, trying to ascertain the alien’s state of mind. After so many years living with the Aeth, Rasvim was well-schooled in reading Aeth faces. His skills were not perfect, but he didn’t detect any sign Majak was trying to mislead him as Osvith had sometimes done.

“Thank you,” he said. That, too, sounded bizarre, triggering an uncomfortable memory of his mother chiding him to be polite.

Majak cocked his head, looking at him closely. “I kept you at my side while the officers presented their reports. Do you know why I did that?”

Not only to protect him. They’d already established that motive. Rasvim allowed a smile. “Because you’re smarter than they are.” He carried in his memory every word and nuance of the meeting.

This time Majak barked the Aeth equivalent of a laugh. “Yes! I am. And so are you.”

Rasvim’s heart leaped at the praise. Osvith and his other Aeth captors had called him stupid for so long it was a surprise to hear an Aeth say differently. While still a child in Wheeling, he had been told he was clever and he had never stopped believing that. Knowing Majak thought so also awakened another feeling he had not experienced for way too long. He was happy, in a way that was probably dangerous.

Majak’s mouth assumed an expression more thoughtful than knowing. “There are so many ways I want to use you.”

“I’m yours to use. I belong at your feet. I—” The words spilled out in a flood of longing, stopped when Majak pressed a finger to his lips.

“If I choose so. Not tonight. Here…this night…I wish to celebrate that you now speak your mind.”

“Only to you.” Rasvim wanted to be clear.

“Only to me. There, that tells me you how intelligent you are. You know it is still dangerous for you to talk this way with others.”

He nodded, more certain now that Majak could be trusted. But there was still the original matter, the reason he had first asked his question. The reason his body remained tense as a wire, so primed his cock strained against the genital shield of his alien armor. Just being this near Majak and seeing his stern features, smelling the scent of arousal released by the patch of cells near the alien’s crest, set off every trigger Osvith had stitched into Rasvim’s flesh.

Maybe he was just reacting to conditioning…but why did that matter? He was as hard as he had ever been. And Majak was being so respectful it was killing him. He wanted the damn alien to fuck him. Except he didn’t know how to get to that…how to make Majak want to use him.


He must look as distracted as he felt, because Majak lifted a hand to pet the hair atop his head. It wasn’t enough, but it was something. He lifted his head so his cheek pushed against that hand, begging for more…more touching…

They had not looked away from each other. Now he held Majak’s gaze and was torn between longing and shame. He felt naked, though he wore more clothing than he had since his capture. Majak’s hand cupped his face now.

“You are aroused?” Majak’s voice was low, soft. “You need release?”

Tears stung Rasvim’s eyes as he nodded. It felt wrong, having to ask. He had never had to ask. Always before, he had been glad when his masters had not wanted to use him.

“Remove your shield skin.”

When Rasvim tried to undo the tabs of the garment and failed, his fingers fumbling, Majak helped him, loosening the seals and tugging the alien fabric to his waist to reveal skin slick with sweat beneath. Rasvim shivered as Majak skimmed his hoof pads down one of the trails of sweat, then placed his mouth near Rasvim’s shoulder. Breathing raggedly with apprehension, Rasvim bit back a moan when he felt Majak’s tongue at the hollow of his neck. He nearly came on the spot as the alien licked his skin. Majak followed a single drop of sweat, lifted it, and returned to taste more, awakening shivers of desire until Rasvim panted with need.

Majak continued to tug at the shield skin and Rasvim braced his hands on the bed, lifting his pelvis so Majak could jerk the garment down over his hips. The material slid free of Rasvim’s thighs and fell to his ankles, leaving only the bulge of his genital shield. Rasvim averted his eyes as he had been taught, glad he could not see the hunger on Majak’s face.


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  1. AHHHH! Mean! lol What a place to end. humph. But anyway I love this story! It's so different and interesting!

    1. Actually, the scene doesn't end here, but the word limit interferes with my natural love scene length of at least 3000 words. Thanks for reading!

  2. Majak and Rasvim have really grown on me. I like how their relationship progresses and I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter. :)

    1. I'm actually trying to build a whole relationship here instead of zooming to the sex because, well, I tend to do that. Probably will again in the next story. But these two have serious issues even in bed. :)

  3. oh you evil evil wench! You have created this intense moment of tension in Rasvim, and I'm not just talking sexually. He is hovering on the brink of becoming a person of his own mind, acknowledging that he is more than he was taught he must be. He is in a way, regressing to before his Aeth conditioning and moving forward because of it. He asked for something he's never wanted before, but he's reacting now that Majak is giving it to him per his conditioning The line at the end when he averts his eyes to avoid seeing Majak's hunger was superb to indicate the internal dichotomy he's facing. That needs to stop, and I can't wait to see the emotional response in the next chapter when Majak realizes what is going on.

    1. I'm glad Rasvim's torn emotions come through. Majak may be next. :) but I don't know that Rasvim will ever completely escape what was done to him, no more than he will ever forget things he's seen. With Majak's help, though, he might be able to find a way through them to something new one the other side.

  4. I'll be sorry to see this story end. I've enjoyed watching the characters grow and develop and there's such a long way yet to go. Majak has something planned from a political perspective I'm sure a Rasvim is beginning to grow into himself. Sex between these two will be interesting i'm Sure.

    1. I hope you enjoy things next week, then, because yes, things will happen. :)

  5. Not only do you create this incredibly tense moment but you tell us there are only a few more chapters left! Agh! Evil! I can't wait to see more!!

  6. I love this chapter b/c Rasvim is finally able to overcome some of his 'programming' and Majak is able to reach past it too. I think I've wanted them to have that happen moreso than seeing them get it on :)
    You say he has it like a horse's hoof or is there any softness to it? It seems like it would be hard for them to have no do they pick something up...or am I not picturing it correctly :)
    Great stuff as always...can't wait for more.

    1. I described the Aeth in an early chapter, and probably need to do a better job of describing their fingers and toes. I did a lot (A LOT) of research on mesonychids, extinct prehistoric predators here on Earth who had hoofed toes. Their modern relatives include deer, pigs, horses and...surprisingly...whales. Similar creatures on the Aeth home world did not go extinct but became bipedal, remained carnivorous, and developed limber elongated fingers that terminate in tiny hooves beneath which are sensitive pads of thin-skin. The finger-hooves look like a cross between thick claw-like nails and hooves as we understand them encircling this pad. They can pick things up and in fact have great dexterity. The toughness of the hoof tips makes Aeth fingers good weapons in a fight. Aeth keep their fingertips well manicured and decorate them. I might have an artist make up a sketch for me one day. I kind of like the concept. :) But there you have it.

  7. A little late getting to all the flashers this week - awesome compelling chapter - draws the reader right in. Not too happy there are only a few left- but curious what you'll start up next

    1. I'm running behind also. I have no clue what I'll start up next. Something short and sweet, perhaps. :)

  8. Waow. Who knew an alien tongue-lashing could be so hot?!?

    1. Thanks. :) Isn't it interesting that aliens always seem to have such talented tongues? Hmmm...