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Wednesday Briefs: Useful Things #11

Welcome back to Wednesday Briefs, in which writers post a 1000 word flash story—or episode, in my case—based on the weekly prompts. My story is m/m science fiction headed toward romance between Rasvim and his alien captor, Majak. This week’s prompts included “survival of the fittest,” which I found appropriate.

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Useful Things #11

Rasvim looked up from paging through the book to see Enir walking toward him across the darkened bedchamber. The pale human looked like one of the ghosts Rasvim’s mother had said filled the dead cities, though Rasvim had never seen one. All he’d ever seen in Baltimore were bones.

He scooted over to make room as Enir crawled into the alcove to settle onto the mattress beside him. Rasvim glanced toward their master’s bed, wondering what Majak thought of Enir’s incursion, but saw only the black sheen of activated privacy shields. Apparently, Majak had finished with both of his pets for the night. Rasvim closed the book and put it aside.

“I’m glad you sleep here now,” Enir said. He expressed his happiness by tucking his back and buttocks against Rasvim’s belly and thighs.

Rasvim hesitated. Majak had said the alcove was his. Enir had his own alcove, nearly identical to this one. Majak had not specified how they should sleep, however. Deciding Enir would not break a household rule, Rasvim relaxed and looped an arm over the young human’s warm body, which quivered lightly.

“You feel good.” Enir’s voice was fuzzy with contentment, or maybe sex.

“He didn’t fuck you.” It was the one thought that still confused him out of what he had seen.

“He put his finger in my ass.”

“That’s not fucking. That’s foreplay.”

Enir turned to look at him, eyes wide. “That’s what he does with me. He’s teaching me to find pleasure when he’s using my body.”

Osvith had done the same with Rasvim, but had used very different methods. Talking about it with Enir felt strange. Their experiences were too different to share. Not knowing what to say, he fell silent. Enir continued to watch his face.

“Majak’s being careful with me,” Enir explained. He kept his voice low, sharing a secret. “He has great status, and if he performs sexual acts upon me, I would become an attractive target for his enemies. One of the ways a male Aeth can assert dominance over another male is to mount his favorites.”

A favorite, Rasvim knew, was a companion used for sex. For some reason, a favorite was never an Aeth of the opposite sex. Aeth only mated for procreation during rut and the politics of that aspect of Aeth society weren’t yet clear to him. Osvith during rut had been worse than a beast, gorging on blood meat and ravenous in every way. Rasvim counted himself fortunate to have survived.

“Also,” Enir confided, “Alaksu believes Majak might give me as a gift. So of course he wouldn’t want to give another male dominance over him.”

No. An Aeth would never allow such a thing except as a subordinate extending a gift in proxy for his own ass, as had been Osvith’s plan for Rasvim. A gift to someone more powerful, to whom Osvith himself would have offered submission.

If Majak claimed Enir sexually, Enir could never belong to another. The same would apply if Majak claimed Rasvim.

Rasvim’s gut went cold as he remembered what had happened to other humans—male and female—Osvith had fucked. Once he had grown bored with them, Osvith had served them up to his men not as toys, but as food.

Enir reached up and Rasvim closed his eyes at the touch of gentle fingers. He liked being touched. He had been trained to like it. But this was different… human.

“Are you afraid? Why? You’re safe here.”

“No. You are.”

“And so are you. Majak protects you now. He likes you, too.” Enir kept stroking his cheek until he opened his eyes again. Even in the dim light, Enir’s eyes gazed brightly into his. “I amuse him and make him feel something, I suppose, but he always stops short of more. I think it’s because of how I’m altered. They changed us, the Aeth did, the ones who found us first. I cannot give Majak what he truly wants and needs.”

Rasvim snorted. He couldn’t bring himself to say Enir had a hole to fuck.

“I don’t pretend to know what an Aeth needs,” he said. He allowed Enir to relax against him once more and felt the crush of the youth’s crest of stiff blonde hair against his chest. “But I know what they want. If they have cocks, they want to use them.”

“Majak does. I feel his when he pleasures me, and I try to pleasure him. It gets very hard and long. But he won’t let me do anything with it, even though I want to please him.”

Rasvim thought back on what Enir had said about being groomed as a gift. “You say Majak hasn’t fucked you… but have any of them?”

The round shape of Enir’s head rolled lightly on Rasvim’s ribs. “No. I was bred as food, kept in pens, not used for comfort. Sex is strange to me. I don’t think about it.”

“Not at all?”

“Except for pleasing Majak… or you…no.”

“Is that because they cut you?” Rasvim didn’t think Enir would mind if he asked.

“They never cut me. They did it with an injection when I was still young. Meat farmers prefer us without reproductive organs. We get fatter that way and stay docile.”

He tried to imagine the things Enir had seen, and was glad he couldn’t. He was pulled back by the young human’s voice.

“The Aeth…they’re not all the same. They face hardships, too; it’s survival of the fittest. You are the fittest human Majak has found.”

“He doesn’t want me for sex?”

“Maybe. Do you want it?” Enir murmured sleepily. He slurred the words.

“No.” But even as Rasvim said the word, his body called out the lie. His cock stiffened as he recalled how Majak looked with Enir. With dominance marks dark and thick across his back and forelimbs, and his crest lifted high, Majak was everything Rasvim had been trained to serve.

Rasvim wanted sex so bad it hurt.


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  1. That begs the question ... does he want it because he was taught to want it, or is there something about Majak that calls him to him differently than anyone else he's ever met? I can't wait for that moment of realization. This seemed so short this week though. *pouts* I want more.

    1. Rasvim has been conditioned to be easily aroused, so it's going to be confusing to him when he finds himself responding to Majak in non-sexual, but intimate, ways as well. :)

  2. I second Cia's question. Also, I love the atmosphere and the world you've created here, makes me want to read more and more!

  3. Yes.

    I feel so sorry for Rasvim. He's totally out of his comfort zone isn't he bless him. He wants sex but he needs comfort and warmth. It's nice Enir is giving it to him for now.

    I hope they don't sell Enir. i like him.

    1. When he's ready for warmth and comfort from Majak, I think he's going to blossom into himself. At least, I hope so. I also find Enir a fun character. Definitely grew on me. :)

  4. I echo Cia's question and Nephy's sentiment. I hope everything turns out for the best eventually *fingers crossed*.
    Have a great vacation, Tali! :)

    1. Thanks, Elyzabeth! Vacation over now and I'll be back to writing next week. :)