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Wednesday Briefs: Useful Things #10

Happy New Year! And welcome back to Wednesday Briefs and a continuation of my science fiction m/m story, “Useful Things.” Rasvim knows he’s not in Kansas anymore (actually, he never was… he was in Baltimore and now he’s somewhere nearer to where Atlanta used to be), but things are about to get even more confusing.

This week’s prompts included “pestilence, sigh, and wrath” and those worked for me.

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Useful Things #10

Rasvim tried not to watch, but his efforts failed. The book couldn’t hold his attention and when he turned so his back was to the bedchamber, his instincts protested. No matter what he attempted, his eyes returned to Majak and Enir. He had watched Aeth having sex with humans before. Often. Without exception, the couplings had been forced. Even his own, though Osvith had eventually trained him to submission and Rasvim did, occasionally, feel pleasure.

Once Rasvim had discovered that Osvith for some reason wanted him to feel pleasure, he had learned to fake orgasms. He had never learned how to fake an ejaculation, though. For that, he had devised fantasies nearly as brutal as sex itself. Fantasies of being pleasing and desired, but also of using Aeth in ways of which they would not approve. Such fantasies frightened him and he took care to conceal those thoughts.

What Majak was doing with Enir looked unthreatening. The Aeth male nuzzled Enir until the delicate human whimpered with what sounded like pleasure. Majak’s sinuous purple tongue licked out to circle Enir’s ear, then teased pink lips. Enir opened and what the two did next was undeniably a kiss.

Rasvim had seen humans kiss, though not since his capture. His parents had kissed, and so had his sister Belle and the neighbor’s son, Roy. Those two’s kisses had generated so much heat the window of the Pegwhite carhout had fogged until he could no longer see inside. But he knew the difference between a kiss and what he’d experienced. Osvith’s invasions of his mouth had never been kisses.

He shifted position. His cock was hard and he had no way to conceal it. Ever since reaching puberty, he had found sexual displays arousing. Knowing he had been conditioned to find Aeth males attractive didn’t change the fact that being twisted into something useful had allowed him to survive. His life depended on being useful. It unsettled him that Majak didn’t appear to be interested in him for sex.

Enir moaned and Majak lifted the youth onto the bed. So easily. All Aeth were strong, and Majak’s lean body displayed layers of thick, toned muscle beneath unscarred skin. Most Aeth Rasvim had known bore many scars. Osvith had been covered with them. Scars had not detracted from his powerful appearance.

Majak’s body commanded more than just Rasvim’s eyes. Sexual excitement had raised Majak’s color—striations of darker grey and black now marked his arms, back and shoulder blades with elegant, bold display—and had also lifted the usually flat crest of coarse hair atop his head and down the ridge of his spine, an even more pronounced signal.

Seeing Majak’s dominance markings only made Rasvim harder. His cock began to leak and he fought the urge to stroke himself. He wanted to believe what Enir had said about the urethral ring being turned off, but he remembered the pain. Stroking himself without permission had never ended well.

He had a clear view of the bed and wished Majak would activate the privacy shield, but Majak didn’t. Instead he leaned over Enir’s lithe body and continued to lick, his dark tongue tracing the cage of Enir’s ribs before visiting each nipple.

Rasvim sighed. Why was he watching? He had not been ordered. He had not been taken note of at all. He should be reading the book. Visiting his memories. Wishing vile pestilence and the wrath of human gods upon the Aeth, just as his homegroup would want him to be doing at every chance. Not feel his nipples tighten into begging points at every flick of Majak’s tongue on Enir’s skin.

And Enir… Enir’s mouth was busy, too. Soft, rosy human lips—Enir’s lips—paid tender tribute to Majak’s deep, muscled chest, kissed the striations swirling over one of the arms that bracketed him. While looking into Majak’s eyes, Enir reached down and rubbed his palm beseechingly across the straining bulge at the juncture of the Aeth male’s thighs. Rasvim started. Why was Majak still wearing a genital shield?

A rumble of muffled words from Majak answered Enir’s mewl of frustration. Rasvim strained to hear but could not.

Majak’s striations and erect crest, not to mention the visible bulge of his cock, told Rasvim that Majak was aroused. But what was happening now… barely resembled sex as Rasvim knew it. Majak caressed Enir’s small cock gently, and mouthed and tongued the young human’s skin. Ceasing his attention to Enir’s nipples, Majak turned him over and lightly nipped at the skin covering Enir’s spine. Rasvim stared, fixated, as Majak reclined lengthwise on the high bed and cradled Enir’s torso against him. Enir gave a yelp of pleasure, blond head arched back against gray skin, when Majak introduced a finger into the human’s ass.

More blood rushed to Rasvim’s cock and he held back a groan. Though he looked away, he soon looked back. What Majak was doing… the way his long tongue now toyed with Enir’s ear and the way Enir cooed with pleasure… didn’t look like sex. It involved Enir’s genitalsthe parts he still hadand Majak continued to gently massage Enir’s underdeveloped penis, but Majak’s cock remained sheathed, hidden and unused. Rasvim had never known sex that did not involve an Aeth cock.

What are they doing?

Enir sighed happily when Majak removed his finger from the young human’s ass and ceased stroking. The Aeth murmured more words that made Enir smile.

Enir didn’t look like he’d come. Of course not. And yet everything Rasvim had witnessed had centered on Enir’s pleasure. Not Majak’s. Though Majak still looked aroused, with his high color and bristling crest, he didn’t look dissatisfied. He continued to kiss and pet the smiling human.

Rasvim ducked his head and again tried to pretend he was reading the book. What he had just seen disturbed him far more than his now painful hard on.
Majak had wanted him to see this. Why?


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  1. So glad to see more of this Tali! Happy New Year! I like this chapter. I love how Rasvim is smart enough to know that Majak wanted him to see it. I assume he's concentrating on Enir to show it doesn't have to center around him every time, but I would assume he'd let him see them having sex to show it isn't violent. I feel so badly for Rasvim when he reveals more of his life from his capture up until now. Especially, since it seems he was captured during such formative years. His mind is so mixed up. The one thing that is bad is that as a slave, he can't freely question Majak, so he will learn much more slowly. I guess he can go to Enir and ask questions but I don't know if he'll do that either given all the things he is assuming he still can't do.
    Well, I am intrigued by Majak and look forward to learning more about what he wants Rasvim to develop into. What form will he allow their relationship to develop? Will it just be that of a slave that is treated really well or will it be more? I hope that he begins to see things are different and that Majak will tell him more soon!

    1. Majak is one smart cookie, isn't he? I think he's not really doing anything different with Enir, but in doing his usual, he's being completely out of character for the Aeth. He's almost goading Rasvim with sexual need-something he's been trained to be accustomed to accepting but actual is attracted to for once-into exposing himself as more than Aeth training allows. That's good, but I'd still like a lot of their connection to be mental as well, as Rasvim shows off his eidetic memory and his ability to go beyond retaining to understanding and extrapolating as well. Can't wait for more of this, Tali!

    2. Hi cannd... yes, it is difficult for Rasvim to ask questions. He wasn't permitted to question for a very long time and he is a bit stunted socially and emotionally. Also, who is he to trust? I plan to show more of Majak luring him out of hiding. Thanks!

    3. Hi Cia... I'm glad you find Majak smart. I'm hoping he comes across that way. He's very smart, and represents a kind of Aeth humans haven't experienced very often. Humans can be terribly cruel and uncaring also, dealing with creatures they consider beneath them. And I am planning to develop Majak's intellectual and personal connection with Rasvim more, though I feel I need to lay a little sexual groundwork because, well, I'm planning a sexual relationship. :)

  2. This is wonderful! I'd love to read more of Rasvim's backstory, so to speak. Great chapter.

    1. Thanks, Kazy. :) Rasvim's backstory will be coming out as things go forward. His background still has a part to play.

  3. Hmm... motives. It's undoubted that he's sending messages to Rasvim through Enir, but why? Of course, one of the reasons is because he wants to have Rasvim at some point but he seems to want him for political as well as sexual purposes so what are his intentions for him? Is he simply wanting to buy loyalty through tenderness? Is he intending to throw Rasvim to the lions at some point. I'm not sure yet. Rasvim is so vulnerable at this point. I'm wondering if he can even accept tenderness at this point.

    1. You make an astute point about buying loyalty through tenderness, though Majak is uncertain just how much loyalty tenderness might buy. The currency of human emotion is a completely new dynamic to the Aeth. Majak is trying to figure it out, to be honest. What he's aiming for is trust. He needs to gain Rasvim's trust if he is to access things like loyalty, honesty, consent, and independent thought. He's quite interested in these things. He can see having sex with Rasvim, but is not interested in a creature without a mind. :)

      And yes, Rasvim is too vulnerable right now for sex to be other than an act of physical submission. He's completely walled off sexually.

  4. *Snicker* Now that showing, not telling! Which is what Raesvim needs. :)


    1. Show, don't tell has been drummed into my poor brain so repeatedly I'm even subjecting my characters to it!

  5. It took me some time to catch up, I have to admit (it was all good and time spent well ^_^).

    I agree with M.A. this is what I call showing not telling! Looking forward to more!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, Thea. :) Just wait 'til Majak starts on Rasvim. And he will.

  7. Majak is deviously brilliant but Rasvim although trained to submission is no fool. I can't wait to see the relationship that develops between them.

  8. Whew is it hottttt in here. Riveting.