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Shape-Shifter Sex: Chris. T. Kat Talks about Secret Chemistry

Today I want to welcome Chris T. Kat, writer of some of the warmest and most romantic books I've read in the last year. One of the things I love most about Chris is her willingness to take a few risks. Having a bit of a reputation for that myself, I found her take on shifter sex very interesting indeed.

What do you think? Read her excerpt and let's talk...
Tali, thank you very much for having me on your blog! I appreciate having the chance to get to know some of your readers.

Shape-shifter sex: How do you feel about it?

Secret Chemistry is a m/m shape-shifter story. The two main characters are Tim Evans, a werewolf, and Jay Cox, a hybrid between wolf and fox. The story contains a scene that could be seen as controversial. It didn't seem controversial when I wrote it because the scene is important to move the plot along. Later—much later—it occurred to me that some people might feel uncomfortable when they read this particular scene.
In all the shape-shifter stories I’ve read so far the shape-shifters always reverted back to their human form before they had sex. I’m sure there are books out in which this isn’t the case, but I haven’t had the pleasure to read them.
Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not into bestiality and would be completely squicked out if a book would contain a scene with a human and someone in animal form having sex, but what about when both shape-shifters are in their animal forms? Wouldn’t it be natural for them to have sex in their animal forms too? Maybe as a special kind of bonding? Or maybe simply because their animal instincts take over?
Usually shape-shifters (and especially werewolves) are depicted as craving, desiring their mate to the point where they’re barely able to see straight. Often they are described as losing control about their basic human instincts when their mate is close by. They react on a purely primal level, have trouble to staying in their human form when their mate is around, etc., especially when they haven’t mated and initialized some kind of bond. So why do they always shift back into their human form before they have sex? Shouldn’t they give in to their animal instincts and just get going when their mate is available and the situation allows for it?
As you can probably guess, my answer to that question is: Yes, they should. The scene doesn’t have to be long and of course you can’t describe an animal coupling in the same way as you’d write about a love scene between two humans. Then again, isn’t that the point? To show how different the mating can be?
To me it’s only natural that mates have sex either in their human form or animal form, depending on what they need at that moment. I hope I was successful in showing this with Tim and Jay’s mating because as you have undoubtedly deduced by now, Tim and Jay mate in their animal form in the events of Secret Chemistry. Again I want to emphasize the importance for Tim and Jay to follow their animal instincts and allow nature to have their way. Why? Well, you have to find out for yourself. ;-)

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I have included an excerpt from chapter 23 with that specific scene (the italics mean they’re talking telepathically). Maybe it’ll make you curious, maybe it’ll disgust you, I don’t know. I do know however, that you’d make me very happy if you give Secret Chemistry a try.

The pleasured yips soon evolved into more tussling and growing sexual interest. Neither of them communicated telepathically anymore, both too lost in the sensations and the feelings of belonging to each other. The urge to show the other one just how deep their affection ran spurred them on.
Tim’s desire to claim Jay in their animal forms grew as they showered each other with tender licks and nuzzles. Tim fought against the impulse to take his mate, unsure how Jay would react.
Take me? Jay eventually asked, very softly, his lithe body trembling.
Tim stilled his movements, then locked eyes with Jay for a very long moment before he gently helped him to roll over onto his stomach. Climbing atop the small wolf-fox, Tim positioned himself, feeling his erection straining and expanding even further. He was grateful for the fact Jay’s channel was still lubed well; otherwise he would stop right away.
You better be sure about that, rascal. Whether you can take a wolf-mating, that is. Otherwise, let’s shift back now.
How can I be sure about something I’ve never experienced, Tim? I… I want this, I need this. It’s like the last puzzle piece that’s needed to bond us together. Sounds insane, I know, especially since I have no clue about shifters, mating, and whatever, but… I’m sure we need to do it this way.
Jay peered over his shoulder, and Tim bent his big snout down to rub their noses together. Jay lifted his behind while he wound his bushy tail over Tim’s back.
All right, here I come.
Tim drove into Jay’s body, feeling him convulsing and hearing him keen. Despite thinking he couldn’t hold still once he was sheathed into Jay’s body, Tim stopped abruptly.
Why’d you stop? Move it!
You okay?
As soon as you get a wiggle on, I will.
Tim drowned out any worries he had about hurting Jay, his wolf instincts taking over fully. Jay responded in kind and gave Tim his body entirely.
Streaks of light in various colors and shades twined around their joined bodies, building a web-like pattern. The web of colored lights twirled, slowly in the beginning, and then the pace increased. Sparks flew from the web until a complex, glittering net was woven, enclosing Jay and Tim completely. As soon as their climax hit them, the web exploded into cascades of multicolored sparks, bathing the shelter in warm colors.

Secret Chemistry

Not all werewolf societies are created equal. The one Tim Evans grew up in detests those not of “pure blood”—so when Tim discovers his mate is Jay, a male fox-wolf hybrid ten years his junior, it shocks him, to say the least. Too young to claim his mate and too weak to protect him from the rest of the pack, Tim fears for Jay’s life. When a human gets hold of Jay, Tim believes he has lost him forever.

The next eighteen years are hell. Tim devotes his life to his family and running their stable, but anger and depression threaten to consume him. Then fate brings Jay back into his life. Tim knows Jay feels the same attraction he does—mates always do. So why won’t Jay act on it?

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About Chris:

Chris T. Kat lives in the middle of Europe, where she shares a house with her husband of many years and their two children. She stumbled upon the M/M genre by luck and was swiftly drawn into it. She divides her time between work, her family—which includes chasing after escaping horses and lugging around huge instruments such as a harp—and writing. She enjoys a variety of genres, such as mystery/suspense, paranormal, and romance. If there's any spare time, she happily reads for hours, listens to audiobooks, or crafts.

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  1. I applaud you for taking such risks. I've taken a few myself. You should always go with what your instinct tells you. In this case, I think the result is lovely. I look forward to reading Secret Chemistry.

    Great blog, Chris!

    1. Hi Julie!

      Like I said above--I didn't see it as a risk when I wrote Secret Chemistry, it just seemed like a natural progression.

      I know you've taken a few yourself. ;-)

    2. You're right, the risks don't feel risky when you're doing them, they feel natural. Your words flow very naturally. I love the way you craft your shifter characters, and the tenderness of the love between them. I think you've found your niche.

    3. Thank you so much, Julie.

      I really love writing shape-shifter stories the most. :)

  2. Thank you, Tali, for the chance to do a guest post here!

    1. Hey, my pleasure! :) I enjoy hosting writers whose work I love. And count me among those folks who can't wait to read this book!

  3. Oki, I will give it a read! :P

    1. Thank you! I appreciate that!

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  5. Wonderful excerpt, Chris! I'm working on a shifter story right now (mermen) and I probably will write a sex scene in their shifted form, so clearly I have no problem with it.

    I am curious to hear what kinds of negative comments (if any) you've gotten from the scene - it seems to naturally flow out of their human selves and their love for each other. Or is it more of a general sense of discomfort you're sensing from readers out there?

    1. Hi Shira!

      Oh, mermen! I love these stories!

      The negative comments were mostly global, that readers thought sex in shifted form is wrong. So, it's probably more a general sense of discomfort.

      Some people complained about the "knotting" scenes. A wolf's penis forms a knot at the base during sex to keep the partners together (up to half an hour) and quite a few people had big problems with that because it sounded too painful for them.

    2. Interesting... I like that you followed through with the wolf anatomy - to me, that just adds to the appeal of the scene. Otherwise, it's a bit like watering down the shift.

      I'm guessing mermen won't draw quite the same criticism (although who knows?), mostly because they are still half-human in appearance, at least, when they shift. The... er... anatomy is a bit different, though. Salt water probably wouldn't be the best thing for a human penis. I've gone with more along the lines of dolphin anatomy (the penis is inside the body until sex). Haven't finished writing the scene yet, though, so I haven't worked out all the logistics.

      Who knew I'd have to worry about mermen penises when I started writing???

      Best of luck with the book, Chris! -Shira