Monday, January 28, 2013

Dangerous Beauty Giveaway Winners

It's snowing outside and I have a poodle fresh in from chasing bunnies to help me pick the winners of my weekend giveaway for 2 copies of Dangerous Beauty. The book is a bestseller in ARe's Science Fiction and Fantasy category, so thank you everyone for helping get the word out. You guys rock!

My pretty poodle thumps her tail and the first winner is: ~Ley!

Another thump of the tail and the poodle picks the second winner: Gigi!

Congratulations, you two. I'll be sending an email to ~Ley right away. Gigi said she wanted a book but forgot to leave her email (oops), so I'll wait until Wednesday (the original release day) and hope she contacts me. If she doesn't, I will pick another winner.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this release celebration!

I'm going to be appearing around the blogsphere with a series of promotional posts and I hope you stop by to read whenever you get the chance. Each post will be unique and some are crazy fun. Thursday, for example, I'll be visiting Nephylim with a post on fan art. What does that have to do with my book? Not much, but it sure was fun to write!

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