Friday, January 18, 2013

Cruise Ship Fun

Well, I'm back! I spent a week at sea and in the Bahamas, escaping winter for a little sun and fun.

It's no secret I'm half mermaid and would love to spend my days at sea. I wouldn't get any writing done if I did, though. My husband and I have a pact: I get to write to my little heart's content while he's at work, but on vacations it's time to play. So I actually took a week-long break from the internet except for emails and the occasional tweet. I did, however, spend several hours plotting out a couple of books, writing several scenes, scribbling character profiles and sketching out maps and other bits of art for my stories. Pen and paper is great stuff.

Here are some of the things I saw and did. All the photos below were taken by me or my family.

New York is such a great port from which to travel. The views are incredible. This was our first winter sail-away from that city and the sight of the skyline as night fell was amazing. We also sailed back into port in the dark of morning and I loved the way Lady Liberty looked when illuminated. My cell phone pic of that didn't capture her so well, though.

We sailed on the Carnival Miracle, a
really great ship we've been on before and love. The Bacchus dining room alone is worth the price of the trip. Here's a picture of our table. The grape motif is a bit baroque but also strangely beautiful!

Our first stop was Port Canaveral, where we visited historic Cocoa Beach, which is lovely, and we later enjoyed eating alligator balls. No, not that kind of balls. Balls made with alligator meat. Alligator is tasty but not as much like chicken as I'd been told. More like...alligator. If you see it in your grocery store, don't be afraid of it. It's low in calories. :)

The next morning, we reached Nassau, Bahamas, where I dragged my husband off to visit yet more old forts and historic sites. Here are a couple pictures from Nassau.

The ventilation system of Fort Charlotte was impressive. The fort was carved into solid rock and has cool (literally) underground passages, a moat (and once had a drawbridge) and some fine views.

Look at all the cruise ships lined up in the parking lot. :) There were five in port on the day we visited.

In Freeport, Bahamas, I spent an hour on my balcony watching a big cargo ship turn around in the harbor, so near I could have tossed the crew an orange. I love seeing how things work, infrastructure in particular, and this was the highlight of my visit to Freeport.

Then it was a few more days at sea while we sailed back to New York. Off the coast of North Carolina, we caught this beautiful sunset.

Anyway, there's my vacation in a nutshell. It was lovely, relaxing, and educational... all the best things a vacation can be. Even so, it's good to be home. I have a LOT of writing to do!


  1. Hey, Tali,
    I'm glad you had such a great time. Thank you for sharing the pictures, it looked as if you had awesome weather.
    Oh, and I agree. Sometimes it's good to step away from the internet for a while. I always do that in summer for two weeks. :)

    ~ Chris

    1. Thanks, Chris. :) I had a wonderful time. I don't know what it is about being on a ship, but I sure feel at home. The weather was perfect the entire trip.