Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Briefs: Useful Things #8

Well, I’m back from wintry Wisconsin, so welcome to Wednesday Briefs and another episode of “Useful Things.” Majak and Rasvim need to spend a little time together, I think. They don’t know each other at all. True, a slave doesn’t need to know much about his owner… only that he is owned… but something else is going on here. This week’s prompts challenged me, but I came up with a dandy way to use an unlikely visual. Enjoy!

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Useful Things #8

Majak ceased stroking Rasvim’s soft skin and issued an order. “Be seated.”

It was not, he knew, the customary order from a master to a pet. That would be a single word. It was possible Rasvim had been trained to respond reflexively to more complex verbal commands. If that was the case, the young human would simply sit. Instead, Rasvim stayed as he was and began to breathe harder. His wide dark eyes moved from side to side before fixing again on the floor.  

“You have nothing to fear, Rasvim,” Majak said, modulating his tone to be soft and controlled. “I am extending you permission to sit in my presence.”


“No, not that. Not Master. I want you to call me by my name.”

Rasvim’s distress was palpable. Anxiety vibrated in his breathing and fear scented the filtered air. The rules that defined Rasvim’s life among the Aeth had been cruel and unforgiving, and following them had been his only guarantee of safety and freedom from pain. Without rules, he would be uncertain of everything… just as Osvith had intended.

“We will start with that, Rasvim. Be seated. And call me Majak.”

Rasvim’s naked body slowly unfolded from his posture of submission. He did not seek out a couch or chair, but settled onto the floor—buttocks on the fine carpet, spine straight, and legs bent in front of him. He stared into space, breathing through parted lips.

“Are you afraid of me, Rasvim?”

“Yes, Mas—Majak.”

Rasvim was assessing every moment, trying to discern a safe path. Majak lowered himself to the floor at a distance he thought close enough for intimacy yet not so close as to alarm Rasvim. What he wanted to gain would not appear in one night. 

“Look at me.” Those dark eyes obeyed. So like Enir’s and yet so unlike, brown instead of blue and with none of the trust. “I am not the criminal Osvith Telal. I am Majak Suen Shargal, one of the Prime Sons of the Var Sareem. My words are good. I say none I do not mean. I will give you these words for your own: I will not hurt you. I will not punish you.”

Silence. He must ask a question, or give an order. “Tell me how you became the property of Maskim Dingir.”

Rasvim swallowed. “Aeth poachers found our… where we lived. We were five families. They killed most of the adults, then loaded everyone including the corpses onto a mobile processing vehicle. They butchered and processed the dead, then killed most of the others and processed them also. Said there was no advantage to keeping them alive.”

“You understood these Aeth?”

Rasvim moved his head, but did not look away. “Not at the time. I remember what they said—everything they said—but I had to learn the words before I knew what they meant.”

That memory again. This human could identify the Aeth who killed his kin group. Such dangerous information would be concealed. “Was Maskim Dingir one of these Aeth?”

Again that side to side movement of the head, this time slower and seeming in conjunction with thought. Not a nod, which the Aeth employed also, but similar. “No. They sold me to him. Me and the other children.”

Majak waited a moment then asked, “Do you know why?”

“To be trained for comfort… or served as live meat.”

It was the only possible answer, but now the recorders had it on file. Majak wondered at how Rasvim had survived so many years of horror since, aware that at any moment he could be served up still living to his Aeth captors. Some Aeth considered live meat the purest celebration of their race’s carnivorous origin. Two hundred years of legislation had failed to eradicate the practice.

Rasvim had relaxed somewhat. Perhaps he now believed he was not about to be raped, or slaughtered. Majak pressed a button on his gauntlet, activating a holo-file. A bizarre-looking life form, all angles and knobs and strange blocky spots, appeared. When Rasvim saw it, his face assumed an expression Majak had not seen on him before, though he had seen it on Enir... wonder.

“Do you know what this is?”

“A giraffe!

The alien word resonated inside Majak’s brain. A human word. Enir had conveyed that Rasvim might speak one of the Old Human languages. The creature had a name. Giraffe. Very little of its meat had ever come on the market. Humans and some of the other ruminants had been by far more plentiful. A cache of hides and bones found in a warehouse on one of the continents abutting the Inland Sea had resulted in this effort at reconstructing the beast, no living example of which had yet been found.

“You have seen one?”

“No… Majak. Only a print in a… book. When I was a child.”

Books. The Aeth had found quite a few of those.

Majak turned and reached behind him, fingers touching and retrieving the primitive book he had been looking at earlier that day. The pebbled cover was in good condition, but the mysterious images within puzzled him. He extended the book to Rasvim. “Can you speak this one to me?”


Rasvim’s slender fingers touched the cover so gently Majak envied the caress. It was an act of pure will not to use this human for comfort. Enir had taught Majak the pleasure to be had being stroked by human hands, and he had heard enough about how pleasingly human lips and tongues accommodated Aeth cocks to have fantasized about that act. And more. As Majak battled those thoughts, Rasvim opened the cover and moved aside a few pages. Then his tentative voice began. The alien language flowed like music.

Dorothy lived in the midst of the great Kansas prairies, with Uncle Henry, who was a farmer, and Aunt Em, who was the farmer’s wife. Their house was small…”


Thank you for reading. I’m still writing this story by the seat of my pants and having fun with it. Believe it or not, I’m laying the base for something special. It remains to be seen if I can pull it off. Also, please take a minute to visit the other Wednesday Briefers:

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  1. This is so wonderful. I've finally had time to catch up. I love the Oz reference--you almost made me cry because it was so sweet. Well done.

    1. Glad you caught the Oz connection. :) Can you believe I actually spent an hour figuring out which book to use? And then I found my copy of Baum's opus on the shelf and I said, Yes! Oz. It was perfect.

  2. I'm still not sure what Majak is trying to do but it's interesting.

    1. Usually I dump my characters into insta-sex, but this time I'm taking a different path. Majak does have a plan. :)

  3. Great, if just a little macabre, story. I love sf, so this definitely made my day.

    1. I do get a little gruesome at times, don't I? :( On the plus side, Rasvim isn't going to be on the menu. :D

  4. I love the absolutely gorrific nature of this story. It's not onscreen but it's so casually evident about humans being 'food or fuck toy' that it's anathema to consider. Such a taboo subject played out so well. I love this story Tali.

    1. Thanks, Cia! I personally love fuck toy stories and have written few. I want to do something just a bit off from that here, though.

  5. I'm glad Majak seems to be kind and decent. Poor Jesse needs some peace and comfort after what he's lived through! Eagerly awaiting more. ;)

  6. Although all he said was I will not punish or hurt you..... could have someone else do the dirty work if Rasvim displeases him somehow. Agree with the others that the callous usage of *humans* for such basic needs is just kinda glossed over yet at the same time is the entire point of the story. And what is left of the species depends on one boy/man. And the Oz reference was perfect cause Rasvim isn't going to be in Kansas much longer... Thanks for a great story!

  7. Still loving it - and I understand the writing by the seat of your pants!

  8. You write by the seat of your pants all too well lol. Do you let the prompts help you decide where you're taking the story or do you have an idea for the next part and fit the prompt in?
    I loved how you used the prompt. It was a really cool idea. I love how much Majak wants to know what humans were like before they were trained in every aspect of their lives. I like how Rasvim is struggling with this foreign way of being treated...kindness. What is Rasvim's it like that show that was on this last season for a bit about the woman who remembers every moment of her life? I mean, remembering what these beasts that caught/killed/sold/ate you and your family said while you're scared shitless and remembering it so you could translate it for yourself once you learned this language is pretty damn talented! I really like this story. I get why he doesn't want to use Rasvim for sex now, but I'm surprised he hasn't used Enir for sex, esp after training him that he has nothing to fear from Majak and is comfortable. Why is that? How old was Rasvim when captured? great story!