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Wednesday Briefs: Unwrapped - A Seasonal Story

Welcome to the Holiday edition of Wednesday Briefs. This week's prompts all pointed to the holiday, besides which I am absolutely overflowing with goodwill toward men. So in the spirit of the season, my muse and I wrote this little story using the prompts red, darkness, and heat... there's also a surprise.

If you're wondering about Majak and Rasvim, they'll be back in two weeks.

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Fir needles tickled my left buttock and I fought the urge to scratch. Who in their right mind would bid on a fidgety  “gift”?  I kept my eyes lowered, though my cock stood straight up and probably rivaled Rudolph’s nose for glowing with excitement. Even had I tried, I couldn’t have put names to the men circling the big Christmas tree, examining this year’s selection. It wasn’t just the shadowy lighting. The drops placed in my eyes—by the genius pharmacology tycoon whose company had invented them—had reduced my vision to a soft gray blur.

The human gifts arranged around the tree were volunteers. I had signed up weeks ago and filled out the questionnaire, checking off a list of Nice and Naughty I would or would not allow. In exchange for a guaranteed minimum bid of $50,000 to go to my designated charity, I would be some mystery man’s early Christmas present to himself.

I had belonged to the Club for a year since securing sponsorship by a family friend who was also one of the city’s most respected dominants. Stewart had introduced me to the Club’s BDSM-minded patrons, trained me, and showed me off. The Christmas Party Auction was my formal debut as a submissive.

So there I was, kneeling on an oversized red velvet tree skirt with a candy-cane striped cock-ring tight around my package and gum-drops adorning the bars through my nipples. My ass displayed a twinkling jewel-knobbed butt plug that filled it and already had me desperate to be fucked. Top that off with a big red ribbon and glittery bow and I was gift-wrapped. On the other side of the room, near the bar, a string quartet contributed a cheery rendition of “God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen.” Every so often one of the guests would stop to stand over me and my cock would ache and bead pre-come with anticipation that maybe the mystery man was the one. The auction itself was silent, anonymous bids written down on numbered sheets.

I quivered when a hand cupped my shoulder and someone leaned near to say, “Come with me. You did well, Carson. Someone bid a cool half million to sample you for one night.” Master Stewart’s voice was warm and approving. I could barely wrap my head around the number. The Gay Alliance Health Fund was going to be singing Hallelujah at the donation.

Despite my jubilation, I knew better than to speak. The man who had won the bidding for me might be watching.

“He wants you in these.” Master Stewart wrapped fleece-lined leather cuffs around each of my wrists and buckled them, then moved my arms behind my back and snapped my wrists together. I strangled a groan of pleasure. Bondage had been on my list of Nices. I’d even put a star beside it. “Good boy,” Stewart murmured. His hand pressed on my back, lending reassurance. I wondered if he knew the man and decided he probably did.

Master Stewart wrapped a warm coat around my shoulders and helped my feet into slippers. Guided by his sure hands, I walked out of the Club and was bundled into a limo. He rode with me, then walked me through a garage and up an elevator. He left me kneeling on soft carpeting in front of another tree. By the smell, I knew this one was real. Spots of red, green, blue and gold danced before my eyes—Christmas lights winking through my blurred vision.

Moments after Stewart departed, a door opened and my benefactor approached. I was prepared when he stopped beside me and ran his fingers through my hair. I have my mother’s hair—dark brown, thick and wavy—and my father’s blue-gray eyes. With my arms bound behind my back, my chest pushed out, offering gumdrop bejeweled nipples. He found one and wiggled a gumdrop. A cascade of pleasure rolled through my chest and down my spine, prompting a whimper from my parted lips.

“You like that?”

“Yes, Sir.” I had agreed I would call this man Sir for the night.

He must have reached down his other hand, too, because now he gave both nipples a tug. I gasped and my cock strained against its candy cane restraint. Perhaps he noticed, because he did it again. “You’ve been looking forward to this, too, I see.” He sounded older, his voice smooth and educated, like a professor’s, each word spoken with such precision I melted on the spot. My cock was leaking, hot, and hard.

He put his hand between my shoulder blades and gently pushed. I obeyed the silent command, leaning forward until my face rested on the floor. The position presented my cuffed arms for his perusal, I had a bow tied around my neck, and my bare-naked ass was on display. My cock had been hard since the doors had opened at the party and now ached like never before. I was this man’s gift… his present… and the anticipation had me vibrating like a guitar string.

Pleasure jolted me again when Sir found the glittery knob of my holiday butt plug. He took hold, moving it slowly in a circle that tested both my preparation and my ability to keep from howling like a queen in heat as the bulb within stimulated my prostate. I didn’t even know this man and I wanted him. I had put myself up for auction just so I could experience the delicious servitude of being a slave, a gift, something to be played with and used.  

Like the way Sir played with my ass, deliberately rotating the plug while his fingertips lightly stroked my balls and drove me straight to the edge. I was primed to be fucked, now and hard… and he knew it.

“Not yet,” he chuckled, and I held back a sob at being denied release. “I’m going to savor every minute of my time with you, little toy.”

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Because this is a Wednesday Briefs story, I am constrained by the rules to post no more than 1,000 words. Yes, someone actually counts them. But I don't see the point in posting the rest of a Christmas story after Christmas, so... I am putting up the rest of the story in two more installments: one at midnight tonight and the other at midnight the following night. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thank you for not making us wait.

  2. This story sounds yummy. :D Can hardly wait for the rest. :)

  3. Good lord - I love BDSM, even if it's only 1K! Look forward to opening my own personal present the next few days. *g* Thanks, Tali, for your talent. Definitely a gift! -Shira

    1. I love BDSM, too. Haven't written any for publication, but not because I lack confidence about the subject. I know the ropes. :) Thanks so much for the compliment! And yes, the story is meant as a present for the people who follow me. :D

  4. ooh, cheater! Not that I won't be here the second I see the updates, lol! A very ... excited story beginning. Great job! I enjoy bdsm stories where both partners are really into it and seemingly anonymous can be just as great as relationship dom/sub interactions. I love the holiday body d├ęcor!

    1. Oh, body decor! I LOVE decorating things, including men. :) I write a lot of non-consent and dubious consent, because the dynamic is complicated and fascinates me, but I absolutely adore the interactions between adults who embrace their kink.

  5. Three nights in a row? It's like A Christmas Carol!!

    1. Oh my gosh... had I thought of that, I might have riffed off on the theme! :) Hope you enjoy the story.