Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fun with Snowblowers

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I like snowblowers. They exemplify the season in so many ways. Snowblowers come out with snow, after all, and there's usually snow around the holiday. Not only does a snowblower make moving the white stuff easier, they give men a challenge worthy of their manliness and are a potent aphrodisiac. Ask any man who has successfully started one.

Snowfall on my street brings out the men in force. A few inches of snow and soon the roar of snowblowers fills the winter air. Up and down the street, the guys not only blow their own walks and drives but most generously do those of their neighbors as well, all for the pleasure of watching plumes of white fly through the air. 

I shovel. First off, I'm afraid of machines that chop off body parts. Second, I need the exercise. Shoveling snow is old school for a girl from Wisconsin and I built up some serious snow shovel skills and muscles over the years. It's nice to trot them out and Philadelphia only occasionally gets snowfall significant enough to warrant hauling out a machine. But we have one.

We bought a snowblower last year because the winter before we had a blizzard that dumped 36" on us. Naturally, after we bought the snowblower it didn't snow at all that year. So it just sat there. It's still in the garage, but this week we started it up just to be sure it would run. The surest guarantee in the world for heavy snow is to have a non-functioning snowblower. No sooner had we started up our machine than, sure enough, two of our neighbors hauled theirs out and made sure they too would be up to the job should the opportunity arise. The menfolk got together and spent an hour talking about whatever men with snowblowers talk about. It's a seasonal ritual right up there with cookies baking.

Gosh, I love winter!

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  1. I grew up in snow up to the age of 10 when the family moved to California. I would love to have snow, even if was half and inch and it didn't stick. Just to watch it come down would be a treat.

  2. I'm in Ohio and we have been known to get quite a bit of snow around here. We don't have a snow blower, just a good old fashioned shovel or two. Our neighbors have one though and they like to start it up around 5:30 am before they have to leave for work. Let me just note that is not a great way to endear yourself to your neighbors. LOL!

    JYL22075 at gmail dot com

  3. LOL, we just have a shovel here, we live in PA and it's a hit and miss when it comes to snow here, sometimes we get dumped on and others barely covers the ground.


  4. I live in Florida, so I have never even seen a snow blower!

  5. I've lived here in Ohio since I was 13, and I've never seen a snowblower. If we could afford one, I'd be begging for one. although it looks like a snowblower won't be needed this year... There's hardly been any snow this year, which is really weird.

  6. I wish I had one! I'm too old too shovel the walk, although I love snow!