Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Briefs: Useful Things #6

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Wednesday Brief, a 1000 word flash story—or episode, in my case—based on the weekly prompts. My story is m/m science fiction headed toward romance and, well, more. This week’s prompts included: fantasy, extinct, brilliance.


Useful Things #6

The Aeth reception hall had a ceiling of light and a floor of black glass. The Aeth gathered in numbers and brought their pets. Majak was the only Aeth with two.

Rasvim controlled a shudder at the gazes of so many Aeth. He had seen them too often as predators to completely believe the transformation into diplomats. As Alaksu put the finishing touches on his appearance, she had informed him the reception was for important Aeth who governed Earth under Majak’s overlordship. He understood more than she knew. Osvith had slain one holder and boasted of being de facto administrator of the holding that included Baltimore.

Ver Majak looked regal, his lean body clothed in form-fitting teal cloth that warmed his gray skin. A high collar showed off his chain of office. His piercing mauve-purple eyes were his only ornament other than the gauntlets of bluish metal that all Aeth wore as their personal weaponry. Enir knelt near Majak’s elegantly shod feet and Rasvim did the same near his head.

Rasvim had been instructed to pose in submission only to Majak unless otherwise ordered by his master, so he knelt with his buttocks on his calves and his body upright. The posture displayed him to the guests and he looked especially showy. A thong of thin fishnet silk barely covered his genitals and emphasized his bulge. He’d also been fitted with wing-like nipple shields from which thumb-nail sized rubies dangled like two drops of blood. He looked exotic, like a fantasy. By contrast, Enir’s colorful, form-fitting torso and limb sheaths gave him a playful look much more in tune with most of the other pets.

Nine holders occupied the ring of couches around a central table laden with food. Majak looked completely at ease speaking to the guest on his right, an Aeth with narrow sharp features and silver striations of hair on his head and shoulders. His name was Gabir and his holding was across the Lesser Ocean.

“Mystifying creatures, these humans,” said Gabir. His admiring gaze swept both slaves attending Majak. “The wild ones are very dangerous. My holding is riddled with pockets of them. But the tamed ones are exquisite.”

“Yes.” Majak’s long fingers stroked Enir, who kept his eyes lowered and smiled softly. “Our scientists have determined they are sapient, and more intelligent than we were originally told. We were shocked to discover they could learn our language.”

“Yes, yes. And the ruins here show far greater sophistication than we were led to believe. I’ve found evidence of art—and flying machines!”

“Satellite scan recently located a primitive nuclear reactor.” Though Rasvim kept his eyes lowered submissively, his ears pulled in Majak’s words. He would make sense of them later, but for now he listened. “Yet when human meat first appeared, it was marketed as being from a newly discovered herd species, sub-sentient.”

“And tasty!”

“So I’ve been told.”

“Ah. It’s easy to forget you do not eat meat.” Gabiri waved a ring-laden hand at the table. “You serve such prime cuts to your guests.”

“And none of it human. I believe our race’s obsession with eating blood meat is an unnecessary obstacle to our advancement. Rendering humans almost extinct on this planet is just one of the results.”

Rasvim shivered when Majak’s delicate hoof-pad touched his shoulder. He was being asked to perform. He glanced up to see Majak’s other hand extending a bit of food. A plump red berry coated with sugar. For him? Not knowing what else to do, he opened his mouth to accept the treat. Majak’s fingers pressed between his lips and laid the berry on his tongue. As Rasvim pressed the fruit against the top of his mouth, trapping it there, the tip of his tongue caressed Majak’s velvety hoof-tips. Majak did not remove them, but left them in place as Rasvim’s eyes locked with his.

Rasvim blinked. His cock thickened, pushing up against the mesh of thong encasing it. Conditioning made him stroke his tongue submissively across his master’s sensitive pads. Majak’s eyes warmed.

“Gorgeous,” said Gabir. He took a purple wafer from the table and fed it to his own pet. The adoring, silent creature taking it from him was much smaller than a human. It had red scales, flat little ears, and a snout with an upturned nose.

An Aeth wearing a garment of some exotic skin leaned toward Majak from the left. “Humans were a rare find. Blood meat is our heritage! So is sensuality and indulgence. How many intelligent species have we converted to our uses, be it for sport or pleasure? Are humans so different?”

Majak broke gaze with Rasvim and pulled back his fingers. Rasvim averted his eyes and pressed the berry against his palate until sweetness burst across his tongue. While maintaining submissive posture, he looked at the other Aeth and the human kneeling at his side. A female, her ebony skin polished to brilliance, looked back at him.

“It has been against our law to eat self-aware beings for centuries,” said Majak, settling back on his couch. His voice carried a note of censure. “Hiding this fact for forty years was criminal. And the fortunes made by slaughtering these creatures were obscene. By the time we discovered the truth, genetic designers had modified captive humans in ways that remove them from protection. They are widely sold.”

“We barely know what they were like before their exploitation,” the suited Aeth conceded.

“I aim to find out. One of my goals as Governor is to attempt to salvage the species here, on its home planet.”

“They do make lovely companions, though.” Gabir fed another wafer to his scaly pet. “No other species is so sensual, or better suited for the pleasure chamber.”

“I think they can be more.” Majak touched Rasvim, tracing his jaw.

“Then prove it, dear Majak,” said Gabir. “We have enslaved many species for pleasure and companionship—but none who are more.”


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  1. This story has a lot of layers that make it interesting.

    1. It's kind of like building. Lay the foundation, build a framework... then the structure starts taking shape.

  2. This is so wonderfully intriguing - layers on layers and tight writing that just grips.

  3. Ooh, it looks like 'Rasvim' might get a chance to be more than he is allowed, and become who he might have been. I love this story Tali; it is really good!

    1. Yay! You picked up on that. Majak's plans for Rasvim will push the boundaries of what his society considers possible... and allowable. :) Thanks for commenting!

  4. This story makes me shiver and smile at the same time. Layers below layers below layers. My skin crawls at the thought of these creatures with their pets but clearly some of them have finer motives. I have to wonder, though if Majak would be quite as interested in Rasvim if he didn't see a political advantage in his abilities which are, let's face it, hardly common

    1. Oh, I'm glad to hear you have both shivers and smiles. My personal paralyzing fear is of being eaten. I think I might have been food in a past life. :( And next week's installment (already written and scheduled due to author absence next week) addresses some of your last point. :)

  5. I know I repeat myself, Tali, but I find truly fascinating the world you're creating here. What will Majak allow Rasvim to become?