Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Briefs: Useful Things #4

Welcome to Wednesday Briefs, a weekly flash series with a 1000 word limit. This week I ratchet up the story a bit. I'm still in that space where I want to see where it goes. Each of the other weeks, I used one of the visual prompts for inspiration, but this week I used the prompt “When was the last time you....?”

This story is m/m science fiction. It portrays a relationship of dubious consent between an alien and a human. Just sayin’...


Useful Things #4

Rasvim tried to grasp what Enir was telling him, but the young human’s hands made focus difficult. They skimmed his chest, fingers lightly brushing his nipples and awakening an unwanted frisson of response. He hated the way his body had been conditioned, that he became so easily aroused. At least he was standing in water up to his waist, though that could not completely conceal his erection.

“You’re perfect,” Enir said. His hands slipped lower until they rested on Rasvim’s hips. Rasvim wanted to give in to that touch, but kept his eyes open, fastened on Enir’s blue ones. Enir had shed his cap and his crest of pale gold hair shimmered with tips of aquamarine. “Majak will be pleased. You were a pleasure slave, weren’t you?”

He nodded. Enir unsettled him. He had not spoken with another human for nearly a year. Osvith had eaten the last child with whom he exchanged words. He was incapable of forgetting the girl. She’d had golden hair and blue eyes like Enir’s.

“Relax,” said Enir. “No one here will hurt you.” He picked something round and soft out of the water and began to run it, dripping and warm, over Rasvim’s limbs. “Majak treats humans well. He believes we can be used gently and intelligently, in ways that benefit the Aeth beyond the satisfying of base needs.”

The water felt good. Warm. Relaxing. Rasvim sighed and followed Enir’s directions, lowering himself into it up to his chin. He stayed silent as Enir chattered, simultaneously washing his hair and looking through the sodden roots for lice. He would find none. Osvith had doused him frequently.

“You were feral, weren’t you?”

“For a while.”

“What do you remember?”

Everything. But he shook his head. He had broken already under Osvith’s torture and told what he knew. He was glad he hadn’t learned of other human hiding places to betray. “Nothing useful,” he said.

“Did you have a human name?”

No one had ever asked him that. The few humans he had met had been too young to have names of their own. “Jesse,” he said. Tears welled and he had to choke out the word. He still heard his name rolling on his father’s voice, in his mother’s soft tones. Heard her scream it, the last sound she made before being brought down by a poacher’s bolt.

Enir stroked the back of his head until he was calm again. It didn’t take long. He seldom visited his memories and had learned how to barricade most of them.
“What’s yours?” he asked quietly, surprised that he wasn’t just opting for distraction. He wanted to know. When he turned to look, Enir averted his eyes.

“I don’t have one. Food… doesn’t get named. Majak named me.”

The way Osvith had named him. 

“You don’t speak human at all, do you?” he realized. They were speaking in Aeth.

“No. I used herd speak until the rescuers found me and Ver Majak picked me out to be his. Every Aeth of his command took one of the children. It was the best they could do for us. The adults were taken someplace safe but I heard they were incapable of learning much. There, I think you’re clean now. Alaksu will be pleased by your condition.” Enir flashed him a smile that recalled his Aeth name. Brightness. It suited him.

The boy was beautiful, pale and smooth-skinned all over, his face not elegantly pebbled or torso striated according to breed. With his opalescent crest, he looked something like a bird, exotic and rare, more suited to a cage than freedom. Rasvim welcomed his touch, the way Enir traced his larger muscles and longer bones. Adult humans must be unknown to him, too.

“Your master took good care of you,” Enir said. “You have hardly any scars.”

“I think he planned to give me as a gift.”

Don’t, he wanted to say when Enir’s mouth pressed against his breastbone and lightly licked at the wetness beading his skin. His erection, which had settled during the bath, returned to aching stiffness. Osvith had not used him in days and a ring in his urethra prevented him from ejaculating except with his master’s permission.

“Stop,” he said, pushing Enir away.  “If it gets too hard, it hurts.”

“I know. I have one.”

“But… you…”

“I’m neutered, not sexless. And I get hard, too, just like you.” Enir moved to the side of the pool and lounged on the shallow steps, where he took his soft cock into his hand and began to stroke. As Rasvim watched, the small cock stiffened and became respectably hard. “You’re amazing to look at.”

Shaking his head, Rasvim walked over and knelt over him. “So are you.”

“I’m not supposed to kiss you. Or play with your ass. But I can help you with this”—Enir wrapped his fingers around Rasvim’s cock. He stiffened and put his hand on Enir’s shoulder, but the young human had started stroking him in a way that left him gasping—“and teach you how to relax and let someone give you pleasure. When was the last time you received pleasure instead of just gave it?”

“They’ll find us!”  Rasvim moaned, but he thrust with his hips, pushing his cock into Enir’s hand.

“We’re alone. And I can’t keep my hands off you.”

Nor did Rasvim want those hands anywhere but on him. Touching him. Driving him wild. Enir’s mouth and tongue sucked at his neck, his collarbone, before finding and latching onto a nipple. Oh, fuck! He couldn’t stop it! To his surprise, cum spurted from his cock in a thick stream interrupted by Enir’s greedy hand, which scooped it all and slathered it up and down his suddenly too sensitive shaft as he slowly softened. As they both lounged in the shallow water, he stared at the young human in wonder and watched Enir lick his palm clean.

“You taste good, too!”

A harrumph interrupted any further talk.


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  1. A hahrrumph is probably not good. Have to come back to see what happens.

  2. Hmm... I'd think the interrupted with be an irritated alien, but not an angry punishing one. I don't get that vibe, but I could be wrong. I find it interesting that 'Jesse' went so long without talking to a human yet he broke so easily. It seems like he's falling in 'lust' with Enir. I'd also like to know how he couldn't come on his own before, but he could with Enir. That was a little confusing.

  3. Uh-oh. I don't like the sound of that harrumph. I'm a little confused that he could come with Enir but he mentioned he had a ring that only allowed him to ejeculate if his master gave him permission... I look forward to more!! :)

  4. Heh... 1000 word limit. I actually had an explanation for why the ring isn't working now, but cut it because I was over and I'll be dealing with it later anyway. :/ In retrospect, I could have not mentioned it at all, except it's why Rasvim was wary about getting hard. In any event, there is a reason, just not one I laid out well!

  5. Argh... wonderful, painful, sexy torture! -Shira

  6. I assumed he could cum b/c Enir had one and he'd know how to 'overcome' the problem. I'm intrigued as to how old both of them are. Esp. since he all but refers to Enir as a child. I hope the story keeps going and going bc there is so much in the world to wonder about before you get started on learning about these great characters!
    I was kinda glad you clarified about Enir, as I'd assumed they'd take everything in neutering these poor humans who were 'food.' I hope you'll explain more about his memory. V.M. implies there were many humans who could have had this ability? Is having eidetic memory more common during their future time than now?
    I hope the harumph is from V.M. and not that nasty and bitchy Aeth who looked down on Rasvim, but it's prob her. What a world to imagine with the humans relegated to ruins kinda like Terminator movies :) I hate this format only b/c it limits the details you can go into like how this came about on Earth. Did other aliens invade and ruin it or was it the Aeth? Wondering what kind of power V.M.'s dad and he have? I'm glad the boys will have each other to lean on (and whatever else :) Keep it coming, Tali!!!

  7. Great chapter. :) Not sure if I like Rasvim with Enir. It was a nice, anyway. :)

    I hope that "harrumph" is a good one. Or rather, is not a BAD one. (I wish I could have italicized the "bad" rather than caps it.)

    1. The great thing about a harrumph is that it's so ambiguous. :D