Friday, November 16, 2012

End Game

I just sent a novel to my beta reader and I feel a bit dejected. It's always that way when I finish a book. I spend hours, days, weeks... months writing a story. At times I live and breathe the story 24/7. I go to sleep thinking about. I wake up thinking about it. I think about it while I shower and cook and drive. It's neither safe nor healthy, I'm sure, but that's the way I write. And then... BAM! I have an empty nest.

My family is always happy when I'm between books. I'm less distracted and can converse about things that actually require participation in the greater scheme of life, like hanging out with friends, discovering new stores, or making phone calls to find out if anyone has died or given birth during my period of total immersion. Steve the Strategist and I play video games, instead of him playing a video game while I scribble plot points on a legal pad, pretending I'm doing something besides writing. I also feed him better meals because, let's face it, it takes more time and thought to cook ossobuco or beef bourguignon than turkey burgers. 

After finishing a book, I have to clear it from my mind. That can take a few days. I put away my notes, filing them in a folder. I remove inspirational photos, toss scribbled post-its, give the desk a good polish for the brief time it will be clean. I scrub the kitchen floor because it almost always needs it. I get my teeth cleaned. I walk the dog and spend extra time at the gym. I go shopping.

Shopping is good, especially at this time of year. So wish me well, because writing is no longer stealing my time. It's time to spend, baby!

Pretty soon, my husband will be begging me to write another book. :D

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    1. And it's true! :D But I also hardly spend a dime during the writing of a book, so it all averages out. Besides, I'm helping the economy and all that. But really I just like giving gifts at this time of year. :)