Friday, November 9, 2012

Dangerous Beauty Cover Art

I don't have a release date yet, but here's the cover art for my upcoming Pride of Uttor novel, Dangerous Beauty. The book is a m/m romance and a sequel to Captive Heart.  Resplendence will be the publisher.

Dangerous Beauty tells the tale of Julissa's brother, Endre, and continues the story of the captured Sebboyan royal family.

Once the Kordeun family ruled Sebboy… now they are imperial captives of the Uttoran Emperor. Devout and studious, Endre Kordeun loves his family and will do anything to free them, even if that means pretending he is homosexual so he can pass messages to his father’s shady allies. With his golden good looks and a beautiful male courtesan posing as his lover, Endre finds Uttor’s decadent society more than willing to believe his ruse.

But when a passionate kiss from a dark, gorgeous man unlocks feelings Endre had been hiding even from himself, lies start to unravel. Arshad, prince of Tabar, is Endre’s match in every way… including a shared love for science and celestial mechanics. Going forward with his charade will be dangerous, and not only because he might be discovered. In that event, even his own father would kill him. How much is Endre willing to risk for love?


  1. Oooh, this was another of my favorites that I read several times on Lit. However, I don't remember his name being Arshad, but maybe that's my faulty memory. I can tell you've played with the plot a little too (the part about Endre pretending to be gay), but it makes for a better story and fits more into the whole beating up on Petra deal from Captive Heart. I only have one small quibble. Why does the model on the cover look like he's wearing jeans, and shouldn't he be pale blonde?

    1. I think being in the shadows hides the blondness, but there's a hint. Endre is a blond, just like his sister. :) And I didn't get the jeans vibe (more of cuffs on rustic trousers), though now that you mention it, they certainly could be jeans. Maybe the Uttorans invented them?