Thursday, October 4, 2012

Devil's Night Release Date
A while back I mentioned a story accepted for an anthology that would be out in October, just in time for Halloween. The Devil's Night anthology will be available October 12th, next Friday, from Storm Moon Press and it includes my story, The Seventh Sacrifice.” 

"The Seventh Sacrifice" features a man hellbent on revenge who meets up with a sexy native sorcerer... who just happens to need someone to love, er, sacrifice.

This story is based on myths and legends from the Altiplano region of South America, where I lived for a while. If you're interested in that part of the world, or just in exotic, not-like-here places, I'll be doing a series of promotional guest blogs talking about some really interesting stuff like why I slept one night with a dried llama fetus under my bed, where to find a Catholic church carved with images of mermaids and bird men, and how to tell if a penis charm is just tourist junk or the real deal. 

Hey, you never know when that kind of info might come in handy.

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