Friday, September 28, 2012

What Have We Here...

A little bit of everything this week, courtesy of my friends and a tendency to hoard fun links.  I hope you find a couple of laughs, some new music and imagery, and maybe even enter a contest. Enjoy!

1. Ghost Story Flash Fiction Writing Contest. This is a legitimate contest run by Wisconsin Public Radio. They’re looking for 600 words—no more, no less—of ghostly fun, with winners to be read on public radio. The entries will be judged by Patrick Rothfuss, a fellow Wisconsin writer somewhat more famous than I. *coff* Okay, seriously more famous. Still, like so many Wisconsin people, Patrick is friendly and a great guy to get to know. Visit his blog [HERE] and see why.

2. Peter Dinklage’s Commencement Address, Bennington College2012. I’ve enjoyed Peter Dinklage’s acting for years, but especially love him as Tyrion Lannister on A Game of Thrones. His address to graduates of his alma mater is funny and filled with sharp observations on being an artist. The last few minutes, where he talks about the importance of knowing what you want, and giving yourself permission to pursue it and fail, is inspirational. And his statement about who are the “shiny, important people” in a person’s life is dead on.

3. How to Break Down a Door, from The Art of Manliness. First off, this is a great website! When I needed Vorgell to break down a door, I wanted to make sure the big guy did it in true manly fashion, so of course I came here. I love just reading the articles. The section on Manly Skills is a trove of fun projects. I wish I’d had this when my three boys were still at home. Mike the Conqueror never met a piece of electronics he didn’t want to dismantle, so he would almost certainly have turned an old WWII field phone into a Bluetooth handset.

4. Said The Whale, “Loveless.” Adorable! My new favorite song and video. Yes, I am in a life-and-love affirming mood this week. :D

5. L'Odyssée de Cartier. Simply the most gorgeous advertisement ever. The imagery blows my mind and I love the fantasy of it all. And that’s not the only astounding Cartier video. This one, “Painted Love” by AIR, presents a profound statement on the nature of love and art. These videos are so beautiful, I watch them often.

6. Review for Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Crème. A reader sent me this and, well, I just have to share because it made me spew coffee all over my keyboard. Thank goodness my cousin gave me a keyboard condom last time that happened. Just another reason to love men: they write stuff like this!


  1. Awesome! Thanks Tali. P.s. Air is one of my favorite groups. Sexy boy? Gah. Love that song.

    1. I love Air also. Alone in Kyoto is one of my most played tunes because it's on so many mixes.

  2. I already told you that but I'm still giggling over #6. Would it be okay if I spread the love and post the link too?