Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Have We Here...

Look what fun or informative things I’ve enjoyed around the internet this week! Granted, it was a strange week. Still, every week yields a few gems and a couple of, well, things that are really different.

1. Covered in Light. Helen Pattskyn writes a gentle, moving post on the controversial subject of women choosing to cover themselves—and the many traditions and reasons a woman might opt to do so. Much needed look at one of the issues affecting women today.

2. "Don't Tell Me You've Got a Heater in Your Girdle, Madam!" (by Bill Pronzini). Funniest thing I read all week. This entry in the Why Writers Need Editors sweepstakes is filled with magnificent groaners.

3. All the Ways Jack Reacher Kicks Ass in 17 Lee Child Novels. Because, come on… no one kicks ass like Jack Reacher! I love Lee Child's Reacher books and I keep this around just so I can remind myself that, yes, there really are a hundred ways to kick ass. Great inspiration for writing those fight scenes.

4. Just because it’s hilarious. Cristal BIC Product Reviews! Who says you have to buy a book to have fun reading? Just skip the product and go straight to the reviews. 

5. Crackpot Palace: On Being Profound. Are writers of fiction trying too hard? Respected author Jeffrey Ford wrote this essay about how fiction is becoming more boring as more and more writers focus on creating meaning instead of entertaining readers. I especially like the point he makes about writers creating their work through analytic literary frameworks instead of through subconscious storytelling.

6. Liam Neeson Stares at You for 10 Hours. If you know me at all… you’ll get why I liked this this week.


  1. That pic was great! I'm going to need to peruse some of those things you like, they look interesting.

    1. I love that pic. :) I have a story with a villainess who is just a head. She's really pissed off about it, too. But I figure even someone with just a head needs a few fun things to read.