Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Snark

This week I'm looking forward to the release of The Prince of Winds, a tale of conquerors, eagles, and magic. So what better way to celebrate than share this bit of snark from that novella.


“What do you mean, ‘No’?” Melkor glared at his physician. “You’re not in a position to use that word with me.”

“True,” Bodhan acknowledged. “I am, however, permitted to give you advice. Advice which, I might add, is uniformly good. Am I not the greatest scholar of Kurrudum?”

“No. Only the bravest.”

“Very well, then, I will take my life into my hands and tell you that you are risking more than your young man’s leg by your activities. If the bone does not set properly now, it may never heal, leaving him a cripple. A broken leg that does not heal can lead to dangerous conditions that might kill him. If you think so little of him that it’s worth his life—”

“You know better.”

“Then listen to your physician, who is also your friend.” Bodhan glanced back into the sleeping chamber, and Melkor followed suit.

The young man he had claimed as his lover reclined upon the sky-blue sheets of his bed, up on one elbow, watching them. Bodhan had interrupted a splendid afterglow on the verge of further lovemaking and Melkor wanted nothing more right now than to push his friend aside and return to that bed, to pursue the excitement of exploring his new prize. 

The Prince of Winds is being released on September 12 by Dreamspinner.

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  1. “No. Only the bravest.”

    I imagined an eye roll right at that line, heh.

    1. There's more to that line than first appears, but... yeah. Eye roll for sure!

  2. Tali, I CAN NOT wait until Wednesday. I am so excited about the release of Prince of Winds, even if I did already read it on Literotica when it was posted there. As far as I'm concerned, it is your best novel, like a hot, highly-charged historical fantasy.

    1. Thanks! It may be a novella, but it's a long one and the vibe is definitely epic. I will be writing other stories in that world. :D