Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Snark

I don't know if anyone is taking over the blog hop while Marie Sexton is in Italy, but I enjoy dishing out a little snark on weekends. So here's a snippet from Thick as Thieves, my m/m sword and sorcery WIP. The first part of the story can be read [HERE]. This bit comes from a later chapter. Madd has been captured by the evil Baron and Vorgell is using the cloak of shadows to hide. Oh, and he's not alone under there...

“Shout down to the yard! They gave us the slip but they’re still in the castle! Seal every exit!”

Only when the soldiers had moved out, their footsteps retreating, did Vorgell begin to breathe easily again. He relaxed his grip on the woman’s arm, but kept his arm tight about her body. He didn’t quite trust the soldiers not to pull a trick and be waiting for them to show themselves. Best was to stay hidden a little longer. Besides, the woman felt good with her curves all soft and warm and molding to his body. His cock stiffened to announce its interest.

The woman squirmed.  “Goddess!" she hissed.  Is every man born a rutting pig?”

“I can’t help it.” Vorgell held her curvy body tighter, and that wasn’t exactly helping. “I’m afflicted!”

“In the head. Let me go!”

He pressed her harder against the wall. His size practically obliterated hers and his hard torso flattened her soft one as he lowered his head again to her ear. “Stop now or I will render you senseless. And if that happens, I can’t promise my cock won’t get the better of me.” She grew quiet again and he eased his weight. 

He might not be able to control himself much longer whatever state she was in. Even concentrating on the danger didn't help much. Few things aroused him so well as the prospect of a fight.

Thanks for visiting. If there is to be a Saturday Snark blog hop and I find out about it, I'll link to it later today.

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