Friday, September 14, 2012

Here and There

I may be quiet, but I get around. I visit people’s websites, peek in on their interviews, and comment on stories when I get the chance. Hey, I even do lunch if I get the opportunity! But mostly I just try to meet new friends. Here are some of the places you’re most likely to find me.

Twitter. I like Twitter more than I thought I would. Because I’m painfully shy, I almost never barge in on other people’s conversations, but anyone who talks to me will get a response. Every time I get a new follower, the poodle gets a treat. All my releases and news get posted here. Sometimes I post or retweet book releases and giveaways I hope my followers will find worthwhile. Find me @tali_spencer

Facebook. I originally joined Facebook to keep track of my kids. That’s right, I cyberstalk my three sons. I learned when they were teens that boys definitely do not tell their mothers everything. I found out my youngest son was in the hospital because, yes, he put that news up on Facebook before he thought to call his mother. This is why mothers stalk their children.

I have a separate author Facebook page and it’s becoming more and more fun. I love seeing pictures, quips and updates from readers and other writers. I announce all my releases and giveaways here even more reliably than on my blog. Find me at

Dreamland, by BigBad-Red at deviantArt
Pinterest. I am about the most visual writer on the planet. Every story I write has a file of images that went into the making of it. A few months ago, I posted boards for each of my novels and filled them with pictures and notes. I did it mostly for myself, but when I get cover art forms I direct the artist to look at this site for ideas. So if you want to see what the city of Uttor from Captive Heart looks like in my mind, my model for Gaspar's nose, or the chariots I used for The Prince of Winds, you might find this site interesting. Find me at

Goodreads. I recently started an author page at Goodreads, though I’ve been a reader and lurker there for years. I even have a few fans! I hang out at a few groups there, too. :D

Amazon Page. This is another new addition to my “author” pages and I’m still learning the ropes. Apparently, the more Likes an author has, the higher Amazon features their books in the listings. I don’t know if that’s true, but who doesn’t like to be Liked? So I’ve been running around Liking my favorite authors like crazy. :D

When not on social media and enjoying other people’s websites, I’m still hard at work writing. I’m almost finished with Thick as Thieves and will soon dive into writing more about Uttor. And there’s a new book taking shape on the horizon…

Everyone have a great weekend!

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